Kinds Jobs In Canada

Ranging from mobile software developers to trades people, here is a list of the most popular kinds of jobs in canada:

a) Trades People:

It is quite easy to get this kind of a job in Canada because these kinds of jobs have been considered disgraceful in the past. If you are looking for a job that will make your hands dirty for a pay that is above average in Canada, then this might be for you. There are various kinds of this job in Canada for example, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, automotive technicians, aviation technicians etc.

b) Financial Managers:

The demand for those who can interpret complex financial statements is rising. Citizens of another country have an advantage in this kind of job that require fluency in a foreign language and understanding of foreign financial statements.

c) Software Engineers and Mobile Developers:

All the other professions depend on technology and software. This is the fastest rising profession in Canada. Many companies outsource the development of software to other IT firms but they will still need someone to manage and maintain the software. This is a new kind of job with jobs emerging everyday as people are welcoming new ways of doing things.

d) Medical Technologists:

These kinds of jobs in Canada are for those people who do not rally meet with the patients but they do the background work to ensure that everything works correctly. These are medical technologists and technicians who do repair and maintenance work in hospitals. It is quite hard to be a trained medical technologist in Canada and still be jobless. There are zero unemployment rates.

e) Human Resource Managers:

Many companies in Canada are stressing the importance of Human resource managers in recruiting, firing and maintaining good employee relationship so the job opportunities for them are likely to remain high. There are good job expectations for human resource managers because its unemployment rate is dropping.

f) Pharmacists:

For you to look for this kind of job in Canada, you have to be qualified from a Canadian University and have a Science degree. There are more opportunities for this job than there are qualified professionals so it is very easy to get a job once you are qualified.

The pay for pharmacists is amazing and they have an option of owning their own chemist shops.

g) Construction Managers:

These are kinds of jobs in Canada for those who can plan and manage the construction process of buildings and structures. The job is quite difficult and you will be working to beat deadlines and manage a lot of workers. The pay is very good and an average Canadian Construction manager gets a salary of more than 90,000 a year.

Having an Engineering degree is very good for you to get begin looking for a job in Canada.

h) Speech therapists, physiotherapists and audiologists:

This is a kind of jobs which is in high demand all over the country. Many job opportunities require a Masters degree to get started.

i) Social workers:

These are those kinds of jobs that the main work is helping people work out the problems they have in their lives.

It is good to get a university degree in social science to start looking for a job.

j) Registered nurses:

There is high demand for this kind of job. More chances for nurses are coming up all the time. This job is good for those people looking for more flexibility.