Kinds Of Art Paint

There are various kinds of art paint in the market that one can buy. It is important to know the kinds of art paint since using the wrong kind of paint may cause a big problem. Most kinds of art paint are specialized so that they can be used on specific kinds of surfaces. Getting this wrong is sure to ruin the surface. Generally one can go to the store and find out about the kinds of art paint available in the market. But if one is passionate about their art it is best to know beforehand all about the various kinds of art paint available.

Brands are not what defines the kinds of art paint the classifications are based on what the paint is made of, the surfaces it can be used on and how long lasting the paint is and so on. There are many types of paint here are the more popular art paints available in the market-

– Oil paint- around the world the luscious and vivid colors of oil paints are cherished by all. Most painters like using oil paints due to the effects that they can produce using this paint. This paint is a more traditional paint than all other art paints in the market. When using this paint a lot of time needs to be given to the paint to dry up and some varnish always adds appeal to the painting. But for most people who want to take up painting as a hobby, oil paints are best left for later.

– Watercolor- we all are more familiar with water colors than with oil paint because water colors are easier to use. Water colors can be used to add more effects than oil paint simply because of the malleability of the paint. It is a popular choice for children’s art projects as well.

– Acrylic paint- the versatility of acrylic paint makes it a popular choice. This paint can be easily applied like water paint but the rich effect it offers is close to that of oil paints. The drying time of regular acrylic paint is quite less but there are slow drying acrylic paints available in the market for those who want to work with it like oil paints.

– Tempera- originally egg yolk and color pigments made up the paint which dried to offer a matte finish. Adding varnish can offer the luster that the paint itself lacks. The egg yolk has been replaced by white glue making the paint more resistant and long lasting.

– Gouache- this paint is harder to work with than the water colors but once one gets enough practice the opaque paint can be the best. This paint is used on large scale commercial art pieces since they are opaque and can be applied on a variety of surfaces.

The above mentioned kinds of art paint are a few of the most commonly used paints. Artists around the world like to experiment with paints thus it is hard to make a list of all the various kinds of paint that artists may use.