Kinds Of Animals In The Rainforest

Kinds of animals in the rainforest are huge since the rainforests are one of the richest animal resources. The rainforests are well populated with insects, arachnids, worms, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals. Different kinds of animals in rainforest would live in various strata. However, the insects could be found everywhere in the rainforests. It is to be noted that many of the kinds of animals in the rainforest are endangered species while many of them have gone extinct. This is because the number of acres of the rainforests decreases on the Earth.

Sampling of the kinds of animals in the rainforest:

A sampling of the animals in the rainforest would include the following animals:

Alligators: These are the large reptiles. The primitive alligators have evolved during the Triassic period.

Amphibians: Amphibians are the vertebrate animals which would live in water during their early parts of life and as adults, they would live on land. The amphibians are of 3 kinds namely:

Newts and Salamanders

Frogs and Toads


Anaconda: This is the biggest of all the snakes in the world.

Ants: These are the social insects.

Apes: These are the primates which would resemble the humans. The apes include:







Assassin Bugs: These are the insects that would feed on other insects.

Bats: These are the flying mammals.

Binturongs: These are the dark and furry mammals. These are the animals from the rainforests in Southeast parts of Asia.

Birds: Numerous kinds of birds could be seen in the canopy of these forests. They have feathers along with the wings.

Butterflies: These are the flying insects belonging to the order Lepidoptera. Numerous kinds of butterflies could be seen in the tropical rainforests.

Caiman: Caiman crocodilus is the broadly distributed and medium size crocodilians which would be about 6.5 to 8 feet in length. The caimans would prefer fresh and still water bodies. The young caimans would be yellow in color with the black spots while the adult species would be olive green colored with the white bellies.

Capybara: This is the largest rodent of the world which does not have tails. They would contain partly webbed feet and this species could be found on the banks of the river.

Caterpillars: These are the larval stages of the butterflies. They would eat more constantly as they grow.

Chlamydosaurus: This is rare, frilled lizards of the modern day which is native to New Guinea and Northern Australia. The frill of these lizards would be 7 to 14 inches flap of the skin and could be found completely circling the head.

Green Iguana: These are the plant eating lizards that come from the moist habitats.

Jaguar: The jaguars are the large wild cats from southern and central parts of America.

Keel Billed Toucan: This is one of the rainforest birds with huge and colorful beaks.

Ocelot: These are the wild cat types from Americas.

Tarsiers: These are the small mammals with numerous eyes.

In addition to these kinds of animals in the rainforest, there are also other animals found existing in these forests.