Kinds Of Tumors

Learn about the kinds of tumors. Tumors are commonly known as cancer or malignancy. This causes due to abnormal growth of cells in a human body. It can be produce on any body part. Your body is made up of various cells which combines to form tissues and other muscles and bones. The body works in a systematic order, but sometimes instructions get mixed and cause abnormal growth in a body which you call cancer or tumor. There are various kinds of tumors occurs in a human body, and every type has its unique cause and symptom. Some of them are discussed below.

Brain Tumor:
This is among most dangerous and risky kinds of tumors. It affects the nervous system of the human body which can cause immediate death or disability. There are different kinds of tumors, some affect the brain cells, some are spread in brain tissues and some can be very dangerous to spread all over the brain and spinal cord. There are different ways to classify these kinds of tumors, but most common way to identify is by the cell from which they originate.

Bladder Tumor:
This is among those kinds of tumor which occurs within the bladder, usually starts with inner lining of bladder walls and cause inflammation and chronic disorder. This abnormal growth of cell in bladder increase without control, it inflates from lining of the bladder to the muscles, tissues and ultimately to bones and other body areas like lungs. These kinds of tumor have comparatively slow growth than other kinds and can be curable if identified on a right time.

Breast Tumor:
This is among those kinds of tumors which are formed in tissues of the breast. This kind of tumor can be developed due to various reasons. It can be due to age, many women get this disease after they cross sixty years of their life. It can be due to obesity or due to high alcohol consumption. It can be hereditary too if your mother or sister have such history of breast cancer than there is a possibility that you will also adopt the same disease.

Kidney Tumor:
This is among those kinds of tumor which is produce in an organ which is responsible to excrete waste products in a form of urine or hormones. Most common kind of kidney tumor is cyst, which grows inside the kidney and is fluid filled. These kinds of tumors is identified with the help of CT scan, MRI or ultra sound. If the tumor is found cancerous than doctor advice for biopsy. If proper medication and treatment is not been done on time, there is a risk that the tumor cells will spread to the other part of a body.

Lung Cancer:
This kind of tumor is formed due to abnormal growth of cell in human lungs. This can spread throughout the human body through blood circulation or lymphatic system. This is also among the most dangerous kinds of tumor as it can easily spread throughout the body at its very early stage. It can also develop other kinds of tumor in a body including breast tumor, prostate tumor etc. This kind of tumor is formed due to smoking, radon gas, asbestos fibers and hereditary.