Kinds Of Shock

Learn and discuss the kinds of shock. Medically speaking shock is a condition where there exists a lack of supply of blood in a person’s body; it may be his brain, liver, gut or even muscles. The most severe kinds of shock are where the brain is affected.

A shock is extremely dangerous as it may result in paralysis of various body organs due to lack of oxygen in body tissues, it may also lead to a cardiac arrest of freeze of brain cells.

The patient should be treated instantly due to the fact that any kind of shock can result is dreadful physical or mental injury.

There are majorly two kinds of shock

1. Emotional or psychological shock

2. Shock caused by severe illness or injury

Further these shocks are divided into the following kinds

Septic Shock

A shock caused by bacterial infection is known as a septic shock, this is also one of the most common kinds of shock. People who are prospects of this shock are given special treatment beforehand.

If the infected person does not recover in time, the bacteria keeps on multiplying, with time they mix with the blood and starts disrupting the blood circulation in the body. This kind of shock results in paralyzing the brain of the victim.

Cardiogenic Shock

When the heart fails to produce a sufficient amount of blood for the body, a person goes into this kind of shock. The heart produces less blood when the valves become clogged; this also results in shortage of oxygen.

If this continues, the victim experiences a great shock leading to a heart attack. This is extremely dangerous as this can also result in complete heart failure. These kinds of shock are also known as pre-heart attach shock as it leads to a heart attack.

Anaphylactic Shock

A severe allergic reaction in the body gives birth to this kind of shock. The allergic reaction may be due to anything ranging from a minor insect bite or even rotten food.

A person with a strong immune system may fight this shock, whereas, a person who’s body is sensitive may become a victim of it.

Neurogenic shock

These kinds of shock are said to be the most dangerous kind of shock as it leads to instant paralysis, which may even last forever.

An injury in the spinal cord can lead to this kind of shock, the spinal cord is a hub of all activities in our body; therefore, it can cause a lifetime damage.

These kinds of shock are also caused by any type of trauma. The immediate symptoms are loss of consciousness, feeling sleepy, hot and sweaty. The patient become cold and turns pale, the blood pressure falls drastically. A patient might recover instantly when he lies down and rests.

Hypovolemic Shock

This kind of shock is solely caused by a lot of blood loss from any part of the body. A person who loses a lot of blood due to an injury may become a victim of this shock. The injury may be internal or external.