Kinds Of Wild Cats

There are very many kinds of wild cats existing across the globe with the biggest percentage being the indigenous wild cats. Unlike the domesticated cats in which through genetic engineering there has been an increase in the number of hybrid cats. Scientists have not been very keen in producing other breeds of wild cats. Just as the name suggests, they are found in either dense forests or very thick grass depending on the specie. The only benefit man get from these cats is through tourism.
There are very many common types of cats such as the tigers, the lion, the jaguar etc. however, this particular article will highlight some of the very rare kinds of wild cats which most assume to exist.

The Andean Mountain
These kinds of wild cats are also referred to as the Mountain cat or sometimes the Andean Highland cat. They are commonly found in Peru and Chile. Just as the name suggests, these kinds of wild cats live in highland regions and thus have thick fur as one of its adaptive features to these kinds of environment since it normally hunts at very high altitudes.
Most of Andean Mountain is grey or dark reddish with irregular spots all over its body. The tail is normally long and it can grow up to maximum of 24 inches. Most of its prey is rodents, insects and birds.

Other kinds of wild cats which are also very rare and their way of life remains anonymous to many are the borne bay cats. In fact, these cats look like the temmincks golden cats. They live in very dense forests and they are chest-brown in colour. They have very irregular faint white marks on both the legs and the tail with the tail length being more than half the body length. They can grow to a maximum of 2 feet.

The coracal are vastly known for their ability to survive in deserts. The have a very unique adaptive features which enable them to survive in these dry and hostile regions. They are very ‘flexible’ kinds of wild cats as they are also found in very many habitats such as the scrubland, woodland and the dry grassland.

They resemble lynx with their ears being a distinguishing factor as they are pointed. They have a very long tail; have a slim body size and very thin legs. They can grow to a maximum of 3 feet and are known to be nocturnal creatures which exist in a number of species. These cats are mostly found in Central and Southern Africa and some parts of Eat South Asia.

The last kinds of wild cats in this list are the puma. It’s also referred to as the panther or the mountain lion. They are mostly found in Southwest Canada and in the Western states of North America. They have very powerful hind legs and tail. They are normally identified with the rounded ears. They are slate- grey or reddish-brown. These kinds of wild cats hunt both day and night and they have the good skills in tackling larger prays such as the domestic cattle.