Kinds Of Tuberculosis

Read about kinds of tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is another dangerous disease which has been identified by the World Health Organisation to cause high death rates. These kinds of disease are caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It majorly affects the lungs besides affecting other organs in human body. Although quite a number of those who have been affected have been successfully diagnosed and have gone through the complete treatment, its signs and symptoms are very much convoluted and therefore one cannot easily judge whether he or she has TB.

Among the common symptoms associated with this kind of disease are persistent cough, hemoptysis, persistent chest pains, breathlessness and sweating at night.

There are very many kinds of tuberculosis which can broadly be classified as either extra pulmonary TB or pulmonary TB. Not all sections of the lungs are always affected by TB however; there are selective sections which are prone to this kind of disease.

The kinds of tuberculosis classified as pulmonary TB are:

– The primary TB Pneumonia
These kinds of tuberculosis mainly affect the elderly and children besides affecting patients who are HIV positive. It’s also very infectious.

– TB Pleurisy
It’s characterized with dyspea and sharp chest pains. When the granuloma raptures, it causes considerably large amount of fluid to fill the pleural space.

– Cavity TB
The upper lobes of the lungs are mostly affected by these bacteria as this region is normally aerated there by creating a friendly environment for the bacteria to multiply. This results to some cavities / air space in these regions. These kinds of tuberculosis may at times spread to the pleural region if not properly treated.

– Miliary TB
These kinds of TB are very infectious and very fatal. It’s normally associated with acute illness and high fever. It results to number small nodes in the lungs hindering the lungs from its optimal functionality.

– Lryngeal TB
They are also very infectious and affect the vocal cord. On the other hand, kinds of tuberculosis broadly categorized as extra pulmonary include:

– TB Peritonitis
These kinds of tuberculosis are associated with mild illness. It affects both the outer intestinal linings and the inner abdominal lining which leads to accumulation of large fluids in these regions.

– TB Pericarditis
These kinds of tuberculosis affect regions around the heart. A fluid fills the space between the heart and pericardium membrane.

– Lymph Node disease
When macrophages capture bacteria, it makes lymph node be at risk of harbouring a number of bacteria and thereby making it to become too large in case begins to multiply.

– Renal TB
Victims suffering from these kinds of tuberculosis will always have white cells excreted as part of urine. At times, reproduction system can be affected if not properly treated. It affects production of enough adrenal for the body which is very necessary when one is stressed up.

– TB Meningitis
Most common symptoms are coma, headache and sleepiness. It affects the meninges which are found in the brain making these kinds of tuberculosis very dangerous. It can either lead to permanent brain impairment or death.