Kinds Of Art Styles

Whether you have always been an art aficionado, or are currently cultivating an interest towards it, knowing the different kinds of art styles is an interesting and moving experience. Art, as part of one’s culture, is not only definitive of one’s stylistic taste, but can also serve to be an outlet for emotions and a channel for self-expression. Furthermore, various kinds of art styles serve a wide range of personal, cultural and social functions. Parents encourage creativity in their children by introducing art activities to them. Painting, drawing and sculpting, among other types of visual art, are used to encourage rehabilitation in individuals undergoing therapy. Art has the potential to bring members of a community together, and unite individuals with common goals and principles.

Studying art is a long yet interesting process. Aside from visuals (what can be seen), art is also present in other forms such as music and writing.

Painting is one of the most interest kinds of visual art that you, or your children, might want to consider learning. It’s therapeutic, relaxing, and gives a sense of fulfillment. While it may take several years to develop one’s craft in painting, it’s never too late to start any time you feel like it. This list gives you an insight on four of the basic kinds of art styles when it comes to the fine art of painting.

– Abstract – Abstract painters employ visuals that are somewhat unrealistic or far from the real-life image of whatever it is they intend to portray. The aggressive use of colors, shapes and unbound combinations of both feature prominently in abstract paintings. Some abstract painters choose not to show specific objects, and rely heavily on informal, abstract techniques to evoke emotion. Jackson Pollock, who popularized drip paintings, is a famous abstract painter.

– Realism – This kind of art style portrays things exactly how they look like in real life. Realists try to capture every detail from their real-life subject, and incorporate that in their drawing or painting. Leonardo da Vinci, who created the famous Mona Lisa painting, is one of the most well-known realists of all time.

– Surrealism – Surrealism was a mode of expression established by writers and painters sometime in the 1920s. Surrealist paintings often feature illogical, almost-unexplainable figures; surrealist painters relied heavily on dreams, or, at least, dreamlike images. In the conceptualization and creation of this type of art, there was very little or no presence of logic or reason at all, and one’s imagination was free to run wild. Salvador Dali, an eccentric albeit talented painter from Spain, is credited to be one of the biggest contributors to the surrealist movement.

– Pop Art – Pop art is a kind of art style that emerged from elements of pop culture in the 1950s. Compared to earlier, more traditional styles of art, pop art intended to make a statement against the perceived elitist nature of art and art appreciation Perhaps, the most prominent pop artist is Andy Warhol, whose work lives on and is lauded to this very day.