Kinds Of Artists

There are just many kinds of artists out there. If you like to express your feelings and thoughts in the form of art then you can be called an artist. Everyone is an artist in their own ways, sometimes it’s just hard to figure out where you fit in the different kinds of artists. Artists have the talent to draw, paint and sketch but art can be done using other instruments as well. This is not a complete list of different kinds of artists but here are some of the most popular kinds.


Painters use different types of paint and usually work with a canvass or a paper to create pictures. They may use watercolors for a lighter finish, acrylic or oil paints. Painters are more popular for painting portraits of an individual or a group of people. If they are lucky or if they did an excellent work they can sell their paintings in a gallery or to private collectors or even museums. Some famous painters are Vincent Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Botticelli and Rembrandt.


Potters use clay to form and shape different objects. These objects include decorative objects such as vases, ornaments and jewelry and other objects that can be used in daily lives like mugs and plates. Pottery is an old form of art; it is known to be dated back 10,000 years ago. Ancient Greeks are known for beautiful vases that showed scenes from the Greek Mythology.


Sculptors are the kinds of artists who use hard materials to create three-dimensional artworks, the most common being statues. The hard materials are carved using a tool called chisel into a specific form. Sculptures are often historical figures but they can also be different shapes or forms that don’t represent a particular subject. Sculptures have been around for hundreds of years and the materials used have long since evolved. In the past, sculptors used a specific kind of stone for their sculptures.


Photographers use a camera to capture special moments or their surroundings. They are often hired to capture moments from a celebration and they take pictures of pretty much anything. Anyone can be a photographer if you own a professional but it takes a good eye before someone can be called a professional.

There are many other kinds of artists. There are kinds of artists who don’t use solid materials for their works. Musicians and poets also consider themselves as artists. They use the power of their words to inspire other people. Don’t forget performance artists as well. They express their thoughts, feelings and emotions by performing through dancing and singing. Being an artist is not a full time job, you will find that many artists have other jobs and they create arts as a way of hobby. Many people would say that being an artist is a gift. They can make people experience their emotions by just looking at their masterpiece. Paintings, for example, can make a person feel different kinds of emotions easily.