Kinds Of Salad Dressing

Learn the different kinds of salad dressing. Salads are ready-to-eat dishes which are served mostly with either a source or addressing of one’s choice. They can always be served as appetizers, side, main course, palate or as dessert salads. There are quite a number of salads depending on the kinds of ingredients they’re made of. For instance, there are the green salads which are made of green vegetables, the vegetable salads which are made of onions, tomatoes; peppers depending on one’s choice of the constituents of the salad and there are the fruit salads which are made of fruits etc. amongst other salads.

Although choosing the appropriate constituents of salads will give it some kind of good taste, it’s not always done until a proper addressing is done to the salads. Salad dressing is one complement which should never be avoided if the one is really out to enjoy his/her salad. The best choice of dressing will automatically give the salad a pretty good taste that no one will not think of avoiding your salad be it before the meal or after meal depending on the context which the salad has been served.

There are very many kinds of salad dressing depending on the combination preferred. Light oil-based kinds of salad dressing are preferred for very delicate greens while the cream based kinds of salad dressing are always preferred for the stronger flavoured greens. Definitely you have to know the nature of the salad you’ve prepared before choosing what to use while dressing.

The most common kinds of salad dressing include the:
– The vinaigrette dressing
– The creamy dressing
– The cooked dressing
– The citrus dressing

In vinaigrette dressing, oil, vinegar, spices and other herbs are always combined in a desired proportion to realize a unique taste depending on one’s wishes. This is because there are quite a number of herbs, vinegar o spices to choose from e.g. Basel, garlic etc. The most commonly used vinegars include the balsamic, the red wine vinegar, the dark vinegar etc. With these varieties, one can make some of the very unique kinds of salad dressing.

The creamy dressing is one of the popular kinds of salad dressing whose main constituent is the mayonnaise. Good examples of creamy dressings include the ranch, the blue cheese and the Caesar dressing. They’ve been very popular dressing across the globe e.g. the ranch which has been on high demand in the USA since early 90s.

Other very common kinds of salad dressing are the citrus dressing. The most basic one can be made by mixture of olive oil and the lemon juice. Other pretty good combinations of this salad dressing may have lime, lemon, grapefruit, herbs and olive oil depending on one’s taste and preference.

Most salads dressings are eaten raw however at times cooking salads give them a very nice taste. A good example of the coked salads is the Caesar salads. This leads us to the last kinds of salad dressings which is the cooked salad dressings.
The choice of a good salad dressing entirely depends on what one loves most but it’s good to adventure may be you can try the Italian salad dressing if you haven’t.