Kinds Of Cheesecake

Cheesecakes are of the most loved desserts for people all over the world. The good thing about food is there is a large variety to choose from and that applies to cheesecakes as well as there are different kinds of cheesecake one can choose from. Cheesecake as dessert is more prominently cooked in the Western countries like USA, The UK, Latin American countries and different European countries. Asia, Africa and the Middle East do not have their own recipes for cheesecakes and hugely rely on the American or the British cheesecake recipes.

Most kinds of cheesecake recipes involve some sort of cracker at the bottom to make the crust. The other common ingredients are sour cream, sugar, baking soda, fresh fruits or other added sugar along with cream cheese. Some cheesecakes also use sour cream, tofu, cottage cheese etc. Predominantly there are 2 types of cheesecake recipes, one that requires baking while the other that can be chilled in the fridge to set. To understand more about this yummy dessert, let us take a quick look at the different kinds of cheesecakes from around the world.

Baked Cheesecakes

Most of the cheesecakes from around the world are commonly baked. The reason to bake these cheesecakes is the fact that they use eggs, which needs to be cooked in some manner. These kinds of cheesecakes that are baked are rich in texture and have a heavy consistency as compared to the frozen cheesecakes. However despite of baking, these cheesecakes still need to be refrigerated and cooled as most people prefer their cheesecakes to be cold and set. Baked cheesecakes are made using cream cheese and eggs as their primary ingredient and a lot of different toppings like nuts, fruits, marmalades and jams, chocolates syrup or shavings, liqueur etc are used to add a unique flavor and texture. There are healthier variants of cheesecakes that use low cal cream cheese, cottage cheese, tofu cheese etc to make the fill, which is much healthier as compared to full and rich variety of cream cheese. The most famous bakes cheesecake recipes are New York cheesecakes, strawberry cheesecakes, cherry pie cheesecakes, chocolate ri

bbon cheesecakes etc

No Bake Cheesecakes

A lot of people prefer to avoid using eggs in their cheesecakes. The absence of eggs offers cheesecakes to be made without baking and by just letting the cake set in your freezer. These kinds of cheesecakes are light and fluffy as compared to a baked cheesecake. No bake cheesecakes are perfect for the health and the calorie conscious people who prefer to use low cal cheese and low fat or fat free cream in the recipe. These ingredients when used in the baked variety might not give the rich texture to the baked cheesecake whereas in a no bake scenario they work perfectly well as beating the cream low fat variants of cheese and freezing them still keeps them light and moist. The most famous no bake cheesecakes are white chocolate with passion fruit, triple chocolate, no bake lemon cheesecake and strawberry cheesecake.