Kinds Of Artichokes

Most people eat artichokes without thinking the kinds of artichokes they may have eaten. Generally people do not even wonder if there are kinds of artichokes but when cooking it is important to know about the different kinds of artichokes available. The different kinds of artichokes are all highly beneficial for health since they are rich in nutrients. The artichokes are segregated according to their color, shape and size. Some varieties offer distinct flavors while a few of the varieties are quite similar. Many of the varieties are indigenous to certain areas of the world and need to be imported.

Here are the various kinds of artichokes that are popularly known and eaten:

– Classic green globe- this is the most common artichoke which is usually imported from Italy. The heart of this artichoke is buttery. The bud is usually large and spherical. A large number of leaves must be peeled away to get to the scrumptious heart. This kind of artichoke is not seasonal and can be cultivated year round.

– Baby anzo- this undeveloped bud needs to be cooked and eaten before it ripens. They are also grown in Italy and are thus imported around the world. They are purple when they are undeveloped and right to be eaten.

– Big heart- this is a recent cultivar which was developed in the 80’s. Each bud can easily weigh over a pound. Thus it is best when there is a need for artichokes on a large scale. They are best used as stuffing where other flavors are also added to it.

– Siena- this artichoke has a beautiful wine red hue and a beautiful taste to match its beautiful coloration. These can be eaten raw since they are very tender. They take a long time to mature so large scale production is still not available.

– Mercury- having a purplish red hue the artichoke is distinctively sweeter than other varieties of artichokes. It is related to the Baby anzo as well as the Italian Romanesco.

– Fiesole- this deep wine colored artichoke retains its color even after being cooked. It also has a very vivid fruity flavor which is quite unique. This artichoke is a pleasure for all of one’s senses. It is easy to cook since steaming it is enough to cook the tender stalk and heart. So, it is a delightful delicacy.

– King- as the name suggests this artichoke is quite regal in appearance and flavor. The bud easily weighs over a pound. The leaves come with distinctive green spotted tips. The heart is big on flavors.

– Omaha- this has trademark red and green leaves. They are easy to cook and have a less bitter taste than most artichokes available in the market.

– Chainti- the look of the artichoke sets it apart since the green leaves with a touch of maroon is easy to recognize.

These are the more common kinds of artichokes available in the market or imported today. To get the best flavors, knowing the right artichoke can be a key. This is how artichokes are sorted.