Kinds Of Bread Crumbs

People like eating bakery items. There are different kinds of bread crumbs depending on their recipe, ingredients and taste. Before moving to the actual concept it is necessary to know the meaning of bread crumbs.

What are bread crumbs?

Bread crumbs are nothing but the small pieces of dried bread. These can be used for several purposes such as breading foods, casseroles topping, stews thickening, and as crunchy coating in case of dehydrated foods. In Japan, kinds of bread crumbs are regarded as Panko. Let’s take a broad look on kinds of bread crumbs.


Japanese gastronomy includes crispy covering for fried foods. In this process, panko is regarded as the range of crumbling bread crumb. The preparation of panko includes deep processing. Electric current is passed through the bucks for making fully baked bread. Panko gets served with the fish and other kinds of seafood. Asian as well as Non-Asian countries appreciate the taste of panko.

Apart from panko, there are several other kinds of bread crumbs such as cake crumbs, chocolate wafer crumbs, cornbread crumbs, cornflakes crumbs, coating mix crumbs etc. Bread crumbs are meant for applying a softer and smoother coating for food.

Cake crumbs:

Breadcrumbs are used in making cake crumbs. These are used with the grinded leftover cake or batter cake. Cake crumbs are one among the different kinds of bread crumbs.

Chocolate wafer crumbs:

These crumbs are available into chocolate flavor. These are highly delicious in taste. Some of the available flavors into chocolate wafer crumbs include vanilla wafer crumbs, Oreo cookie, and graham cracker crumbs.

Cornflakes crumbs:

Cornflakes crumbs are used in case of vivid breading. These can be used as an ingredient for applying colors to the red meat and fish. Besides, white meat can be cooked into varying colors by using cornflakes crumbs. These can also be used as casseroles topping. Crushed cornflakes are easily available in the market but it is suggested to use entire cornflakes instead of crushed ones. One can easily crush the cornflakes at home.

Coating mix bread crumbs:

These can be included into the kinds of bread crumbs since they belong to the baking. These are used as coating to several kinds of meat.

Breadcrumbs are the products that are used for smoothing the cooked foods. There are several uses of breadcrumbs. Among all kinds of bread crumbs that are stated above people make use of chocolate wafer crumbs to the most. The remaining kinds of bread crumbs i.e. coating mix bread crumbs, cornflakes crumbs, and cake crumbs get used occasionally.

Asian countries especially Japan makes use of bread crumbs to large extent. There are some disadvantages of bread crumbs. One who has poor digestive system should avoid eating bread crumbs. As bread crumbs contain vast amounts of fats one who is suffering with the obesity related diseases should avoid this food stuff. On the other hand, normal people can eat bread crumbs daily but in adequate amount. Several health specialists have suggested consuming minimal amount of bread crumbs and the foods processed with it.