Kinds Of Animals For Kids

There are two common kinds of animals for kids. They are: vertebrates and invertebrates. The vertebrates are the animals with backbones or a spinal column that run along the length of the body while the invertebrates are those do not contain backbones. The vertebrates are often larger animals and would have more complex bodies than the invertebrates. But, it is to be noted that there are many invertebrates than the vertebrates.

Vertebrate kinds of animals for kids:

The five of the most common classes of vertebrates are as follows:


Mammals are the warm blooded animals and these are nourished by the milk of their mothers. Most of the mammals are born live and an exception is the platypus which would be laying eggs. Most commonly, the mammals have body hairs. It is to be noted that humans are mammals. The other common examples of mammals are:

– Dogs

– Cats

– Horses

– Duckbills

– Kangaroos

– Dolphins

– Whales


Birds are the kinds of animals that would contain feathers. These birds would be born out of the hard shelled eggs. It is a common thinking that the presence of wings would make an animal as a bird. But, bats and flies have wings which are not birds. So, the fact is that wings would not make an animal as a bird but the feathers. All the birds would be having feathers and these are only animals to have feathers. The feathers which are on the birds’ wings and the tail would overlap. Because of this overlapping, the feathers catch and would hold the air. This would help the birds to fly, steer and land. Some of the examples of birds are:

– Crow

– Peafowl

– Birds

– Ducks

– Owls

– Pigeons

– Sparrows


Fishes are the vertebrates that would live in water. They could be found with grills and fins on their bodies. The fishes would breathe under the water using grills. They are cold-blooded animals and would lay eggs. There are:

– Blind fishes

– Fishes with noses similar to elephants

– Fishes that shoot down the passing bugs

– Fishes that crawl onto land

– Fishes that hop about


The reptiles are the kinds of animals with the scaly skin. These are cold blooded species and they are born on land. They do not contain fur. Usually, the reptiles would lay eggs and sometimes they would live young. The reptiles would have dry skin. Some of the reptiles are:

– Crocodiles

– Tortoise

– Snakes


Amphibians are those animals that are born in water and when they grow up, they would develop lungs and could be able to live on land. At the time, when they are born, these animals would breathe with the gills similar to a fish. The frogs are the common amphibians.

Invertebrate kinds of animals for kids:

The most common classes of invertebrates are as follows:


Arthropods are the large phylum of animals which include 11 animal classes. These are the largest and most diverse of all the animal groups. They include insects and arachnids.


Worms would come in different varieties and they would live in all kinds of habitats from oceans to bodies of other animals. They include roundworms and earthworms.

In addition to the aforementioned common kinds of animals for kids, they are also some other kinds available which are uncommon.