Kinds Of Birds For Pets

There are many kinds of birds for pets that one can keep at home. Although it is best to let birds fly free in their natural habitats if one does want to keep pet birds then they need to choose from the different kinds of birds for pets. When choosing from different kinds of birds for pets a lot of thought must be put into it. Many of the kinds of birds for pets are familiar with human contact and are easy to domesticate but some are not meant for domestication.

Other than the problem of domestication one needs to keep in mind the size of the bird that they want to keep at home. If one gets a bird that is too big to keep then they may end up distressing themselves as well as the bird. Here is a list of exotic yet most craved kinds of birds for pets according to the size of the birds:

Small birds

– Canaries- there are many kinds of canaries and all of them are well known to be best bird pets. Maintaining a canary is not much work. These birds can be kept alone or with other birds since they are not very territorial.

– Finches- unlike canaries finches are not capable of staying alone. These birds generally are found in flocks. So, even if one does not want to keep a flock of finches they should at least keep a pair.

– Cockatiels- canaries and finches are naturally afraid of human contact but Cockatiels are just the opposite. They can be trained to whistle and talk. They interact with family members and even with other pets. Since they are small birds they are not very hard to maintain.

– Love birds- generally these birds should be kept in pairs of opposite sex. They are not as friendly as Cockatiels but they can grow accustomed to members of the family. They can bite if they do not like being touched. But since they are quite and small they can be good pets.

Medium sized birds

– Caique Parrot- these birds are not for careless pet owners. Since caiques come with a temper they need to be trained from a very early age. If one trains them well they can do a number of tricks.

– Lorikeets- out of 55 species of Lorikeets in the world around 12 are kept as pets. The diet of these birds is different from other parrots thus it can be a problem.

Large birds

– African grey parrots- these birds are highly intelligent and having a grey parrot can be better than owning the most intelligent dog on earth. These parrots are becoming rarer so permits may be required to get them.

– Cockatoos- at times very moody these birds exhibit starkly human characteristics which makes them a much craved pet.

– Macaws- the beauty of a macaw is hard to match but they require special care and spacious cages.

There are many more kinds of birds for pets. But before getting a pet bird keep in mind the responsibility of keeping one.