Kinds Of Birds For Kids

What makes it easy to tell the difference between the birds and other animals is that birds have feathers and beaks. Other important characteristics of all kinds of birds for kids are:

1. They lay eggs instead of giving birth.

2. They have hollow bones.

3. They are warm blooded.

Before any kid is allowed to own a bird for a pet, they should be old enough to be responsible for taking care of the bird. They should also reduce their extracurricular activities if they really care about the bird. Also be sure there is some money to take the bird to the vet when it gets sick. There are those children who have problems with their emotions; they should not be allowed to own any kind of pet.

If you consider your kids to have the level of maturity that can enable them to take care of birds, here are some suggestions of the kinds of birds for kids. These birds are good because they are cheaper to get and to take care of, smaller in size than other birds that you can take care of:

a) Diamond Dove:

Even though Diamond Dove birds love to be with other doves, they can be easily domesticated. They are easy to take care of because they do not take a lot of personal time. If you can get two, then it will be better. They should have somewhere to perch on in their cage which should have big space. Prepare a surface where they can settle on. This kind of bird for kids can live for about 15 years.

b) Peached-faced Love Bird:

They are very beautiful small parrots. They come with different colors. Peached-faced love birds have a lot of energy and they can easily end in difficult situations. For this reason your kid should be able to pay more attention to it. They usually have a life span of up to 20 years.

c) Budgies:

Budgies are amazing parrots which are indigenous in Australia. They are quite delicate to handle therefore, it is is fit for older kids who can handle it with more care.

d) Canary:

Canary birds are require a lot less attention because they can be entertained with just music and do not easily come out of the cage. All it needs is good supply of food and water and off course a tidy cage.

e) Pacific Parrotlet:

This is a type of small parrot that require attention and are suitable for older kids. These kinds of bird for kids need a lot of attention. They always need some of your time with it. These parrots fear nothing and they can show some energetic pursuits so you should watch your kids as they play with them. They also love to have a lot of food.

Bourke’s Parakeet:

This kind of bird for kids is very appealing to look at. It is indigenous in Australia. They do not make a lot of noise but they need to be caged properly because they always tend to fly away.

There are a lot of other kinds of birds for kids out there but one needs to find more information before making a purchase.