Kinds Of Anemia Diseases

Anemia is a disease the body lacks enough red blood cells supply sufficient oxygen to the body. Knowing the signs and symptoms of anemia is very good in order to identify the disease and sick medical help early. There are several kinds of anemia disease:

a) Iron Deficiency.

b) Folic Acid Deficiency.

c) Aplastic.

d) Sickle Cell.

e) Polycythemia Vera.

f) Pernicious.

Here is a look at the description of each kind of anemia disease:

a) Iron Deficiency Anemia:

This circumstance is where there is less iron in the blood than it is required. They are more frequent in adolescence and young women. Loosing too much blood can lead to Iron Deficiency Anemia. Another cause of this kind of anemia disease is poor diet.

The indication of this iron deficiency anemia is Paleness, Headache and Irritability. When the sickness gets worse, the heart beats faster and the hair becomes brittle. The disease is normally treated with iron supplements and changes in diet.

b) Folic Acid Deficiency Anemia:

Folic acid deficiency anemia is caused by the insufficient folic acid in the bloodstream. Folic acid is one of group B vitamins. Folic acid become insufficient when there is less intake of food with folic acid. Too much alcohol can also contribute to this kind of anemia disease.

Infancy and pregnancy can also contribute to getting the disease.

Signs of Folic Deficiency disease are; weakness, tiredness, memory lapse and irritability. The chances of getting this disease can be reduced by adding food that contains folic acid to the diet. Examples of foods rich in folic acids are red beans and liver.

c) Aplastic Anemia:

Aplastic Anemia is caused by the reduction of the red blood cells. This is sometimes caused by the distraction of the red blood cell forming tissue in the bone marrow mostly during an injury. Someone with aplastic anemia is likely to get another infection. Signs include paleness, bleeding, increase in heartbeat and infection.

No one knows why the disease occurs but is believed to be caused by exposure to toxins and hepatitis virus.

d) Sickle Cell Anemia:

This is an inherited disease that is caused by the presence of deformed red blood cells. No way has been discovered for prevention of sickle cell anemia and it is actually life threatening. The signs of sickle cell anemia are;

i. A rise in the body temperature.

ii. Continuing feeling of getting tired.

iii. Racing heart.

iv. Paleness.

This disease causes some complication like leg ulcers, shock and orthopedic diseases.

e) Polycythemia Vera Anemia:

This kind of anemia disease is caused by gain in the number of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. This disease becomes a mystery because the main cause is not known.

The symptom of this disease is scary but the disease is easily controlled with medication and changes in what is eaten.

f) Pernicious Anemia.

This kind of anemia is caused by the lack of vitamin B12 in the body. It normally affect people older than 50. Signs of this kind of disease are; tiredness, getting numb and tingling.