Kinds Of Cancer Caused By Smoking

Cancer is a deadly disease the cause of which can be a large number of things, but there are many kinds of cancer caused by smoking. Although it is hard to know the cause of cancer the kinds of cancer caused by smoking are highly obvious and have been scientifically recognized. The kinds of cancer caused by smoking offers enough reason for one to quit smoking. There are many reasons behind cancer which is caused by smoking. There is no body part that is safe from the onslaughts of cancer. Most kinds of cancer may directly or indirectly be caused by smoking.

The different kinds of cancer caused by smoking are as follows-

– Lung cancer- the most obvious of the various kinds of cancer caused by smoking is lung cancer. It is proven that the tar accumulated in the lungs of smokers cause cancer. Years of smoking makes the human body more at risk of cancer. Smoking does not just pose a threat to the smoker but it poses a threat to all those around them. 85-90% of all lung cancers are caused by first hand and even second hand smoking. Thus we see that smoking is the cause behind the most common form of cancer.

– Mouth and throat- since the smoke travels to the lungs through the mouth and then the throat, they are vulnerable to the disease as well. This kind of cancer is not only caused by smoking but by chewing tobacco as well. So irrespective of which form, tobacco is the leading reason for mouth and throat cancer. Since tobacco is smoked in most parts of the world it is the main culprit behind this cancer.

– Nasal or nose cancer- this kind of cancer is a rarity but the risk of nasal cancer is greatly increased by smoking.

– Esophageal cancer- squamous cell carcinoma in the esophagus is usually caused by smoking in combination with alcohol as well as on its own. Even if one leaves smoking the risk of esophageal cancer remains.

– Vaginal and ovarian cancer- the risk of vaginal cancer is higher in women who smoke than in women who do not smoke. Similarly the risk of ovarian cancer is also high in women who smoke.

– Stomach cancer- the numbers of stomach cancer cases have gone down in recent years, but about 20% of all stomach cancer is caused by smoking.

– Pancreatic cancer- this is one of the most lethal forms of cancer and smoking increases the risk of pancreatic cancer.

Smoking has the worst effect on children. If a child is exposed to smoke they are at risk of having all of the above cancers. The children of smokers may exhibit Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. So parental smoking puts the entire family at risk.

There are many other kinds of cancer caused by smoking like liver cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer, kidney cancer and colon cancer and so on. But these kinds of cancer are not predominantly caused by smoking, at the same time smoking does make one prone to all kinds of cancer.