Kinds Of Birds Of Paradise

One does not need to be a bird watcher or a wild life enthusiast to know about the kinds of birds of paradise. When we talk about the kinds of birds of paradise we do not talk about birds coming from any mythological ‘paradise’ but we talk of the birds belonging to the family Paradisaeidae. The various kinds of birds of paradise are found primarily in Papua New Guinea, Indonesian Papua, parts of eastern Australia and parts of Malaku Islands. Researchers have been trying to correctly classify the kinds of birds of paradise for many years and have finally been able to come to a conclusion that there are 39 kinds of birds of paradise. Although some speculate that there may be more kinds of birds of paradise which are yet to be discovered and classified.

Generally the birds of paradise are well known for the plumage displayed by the male of species which helps them attract mates. Here are a few of the most beautiful types of birds of paradise-

– Paradisaea rubra- the bright red bird with ribbon like tail is the perfect example of a bird of paradise. This bird’s coloration is the color of love and it is the very reason behinds the bird’s bright colors.

– Paradisaea rudolphi- this bird displays a large variety of blue hues makes this natural performer irresistible to its mates. This bird is highly territorial and does not appreciate the presence of other males while they perform their mating dance.

– Paradisaea decora- unlike the Paradisaea rudolphi the birds of this species likes showing off in a group. The females then pick their choice of mates from the array of flamboyant feathered flames.

– Cicinnurus regius- this beautiful red bird with contrasting blue feet is the smallest of all the birds of paradise. Yet it is no less beautiful. The courtship dance and flaring red feathers makes up for its lack in size.

– Parotia sefilata – this blue eyed beauty brings both fine feathers as well as fancy dance steps together to woo its lucky mates.

– Seleucidis melanoleuca- the male bird has contrasting yellow and black plumage as well as a bunch of wire-like tail feathers.

– Parotia carolae- the male of this species are not as striking as the males of other species but the dance displays that they offer is one that most other species cannot rival.

– Manucodia comrii- although all birds of paradise descended from crows they adapted fancy feathers to attract mates. But this species still has not changed much since they mate for life and form monogamous relationships. This is the only species of birds of paradise where the males and females look very similar.

There are many other kinds of birds of paradise which are generally noted for the magnificence of the male’s mating displays. The females of most of the species look rather plain and are strikingly different from the males. In fact many have mistaken the females of the species to be a different species altogether. But today with the help of extensive research more is known about the various birds of paradise.