Kinds Of Birds Of Prey

Most people especially those from western world are not familiar with the kinds of birds of prey. These are flesh eating birds and here are we present a list of some of the most outstanding kinds of flesh eating birds.

Golden Eagle:

This flesh eating bird is found mostly in the Northern part of America, Northern part of Africa and Eurasia. Golden eagle is extremely impressive aerial predator both in strength and excellence. They majorly eat birds, hares and rabbits. They have also been known to sometimes take on young goats, sheep and even foxes. Golden eagle can weigh up to 7kg and have a wing span of about 2m. They have enough Strength to attack people but they have not been known to do so. Remains of animals in the past geological ages show that Golden eagles used to be larger.

African Crowned Eagle:

This kind of bird of prey considers humans as a possible prey. A 7 year old has been reported to have been attacked on his way to school by African Crowned Eagle. Its most preferred prey is the monkeys. They have the power to go after animals of even up to 35kgs. Its deadly sharp hooked claws are its major weapon and they have power that can crush the skull of a monkey. Its wing span is about 2m and its length about 1m.

Eurasian Eagle Owl:

This kind of bird of prey has been known by zoologist who studies birds as the only eagle that has ever killed a man. They weigh about 4kg and have a wingspan of about 2m. They feed on mostly rodents and hares and rabbits. They hunt mostly at night as they are nocturnal and they are found in forests of Europe and Asia.

Harpy Eagle:

This kind of part of prey is endangered though it is considered to be the most powerful eagle in the world. It can weigh up to 9kgs and has claws with enough power to break a human hand though it has never been reported of it attacking men. They are mostly found in Mexico and Southern Part of America.

Bearded Vulture:

Bearded Vultures have been known for its extremely long wingspan of about 3m and their technique of carrying bones of dead animals and dropping them on hard ground so that they break and then they feed on the bone marrow inside. They are scavengers that can be found in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Martial Eagle:

This prey eating bird is rarely seen these days because it is considered by farmers to be a pest as it can feed on sheep and fowl so farmers have been killing it. It has a weight of about 6kg and a wingspan of close to 3m. It has a spotted underside making it easier to be recognized.

Some other kinds of birds of prey worth mentioning are:

1. Blackstone’s Owl which is possibly the largest owl in the world.

2. Philippine Eagle which is exclusively found in Philippines.

3. Lappet Faced Vulture found in Africa and Arabia.

4. Steller’s Sea Eagle found in Japan and Russia.