Kinds Of Cancers For Women

The amount of available cancer has tremendously increased over the last few years and quite worrying. Amongst them there are special kinds of cancers for women in particular. This has been associated to women’s anatomy. This is why it is important that all sexually active women go for medical checks once each year if they can afford. Women’s anatomy is the number one reason why unlike their male counterparts they get affected by numerous types of cancers quite often. Cancer comes in four groups namely:-

– Cancers that affect the digestive system

– Cancers that affect the skin

– Cancers that affect the urinary system and

– Numerous forms of tumors

The above forms of cancers are suffered by both male and female. But there are special kinds of cancers for women include some of the following:-

– Different gynecological cancers

– Breast cancers

– Ovarian cancers

– Choriocarcinoma amongst many others

Below is a closer look of the several kinds of cancers for women of various ages.

Gynecological cancers

Studies have shown that in the developed world, every 6 minutes a woman is diagnosed with this specific form of cancer. The cancers are mainly limited to a woman’s anatomy and most of them are limited to women only. Some of the cancers include ovarian, vulva, tubal, vaginal and endometrial cancers amongst many others. These have been found to be the number one killer of women not only in the developed world but around the world. These can only be detected through screening.

Breast cancers

These kinds of cancers for women affect the breast and its surroundings. They can only be detected through a mammogram. Any woman above the age of 40 years should ensure that they go for a mammogram every year. Breast cancers are also divided into different types namely duct, lobular, invasive or non invasive. Women are required to learn the art of self examination and report to their GP for further tests each time they note or see a lump, unnecessary larger size breast or a problem with the nipple.

Ovarian cancers

This is one of the kinds of cancers for women that cannot be avoided. Any sexual active woman is a candidate for cervical cancer. It can only be detected by a pap smear. It has been associated with women with multiple or several partners. Pap smear and human papilloma virus go together. Every sexually active woman must ensure that the go for regular Pap smear to avoid this form of cancer. Ovarian cancer usually is easily identified as it presents itself either through bloated stomach, pain in the pelvis or bleeding after every sexual activity.

Cancer is a terminal disease and if treatment is started in the later stages, then the patient might not be able to live long; their rate of survival of stage 4 cancer is very minimal. Women are advised to avoid seeking medical too late once they have suspected they have one of these kinds of cancers for women. Cancer patients normally undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy to help kill the cells of the already spread cancerous virus.