Kinds Of Advertisement

All kinds of advertisement are geared towards promoting a specific service, person or product. These advertisements are done in many ways, hence the categories in which we place them in. Some advertisements are obvious, and you know them as advertisements immediately. Some kinds of advertisement are more covert and you aren’t sure if they’re ads or just coincidences, like your favourite movie star sipping popular brand of drink.

Here are some of the different kinds of advertisement.

Print Ads – Ads that appear on publications like magazines, newspapers and brochures are called print ads. These kinds of advertisement are often the major source of income for most publications. In fact, there are free publications that contain many of these print ads, with very little actual content in between. Publications sell the prominent areas of the magazine or newspaper, like the centrefold, the inside of the cover and the back cover, and sometimes, two adjacent pages.

Outdoor Ads – The kinds of advertisement that appear on the side of highways and small streets are called outdoor ads. These include billboards and posters. Most of the big billboards along the side of the road are owned and managed by an ad space rental agency. They sell the space to different companies on a lease. When the lease expires, another advertiser takes the spot.

Trade Fair Ads – These kinds of advertisement encourages interaction between the advertiser and the public. These include kiosks set up by companies in malls, as well as exhibits and trade fairs. Sometimes, company representatives are the ones that initiate interaction with the public, by approaching people and giving free brochures. Some advertisers are not lucky enough to get slots for their kiosk, but they still manage to leave their brochures in the trade fair organizers’ booth, where the people that sign up for raffles or other freebies can get these print ads.

Broadcast Advertising – Millions of cash are invested into these kinds of advertisement, especially by popular companies with fast-moving products. Broadcast ads are meant for the TV, radio and the internet. These ads reach the most number of people, as everyone owns a radio or television at home. The prices of these ads are higher during prime timeslots like in the evening and during weekends. The companies have around 15 to 30 seconds to get their message across. The price could go up if the advertiser exceeds this time limit.

Covert Advertising – These kinds of advertisement are called covert because they don’t look like advertisements. Think of a popular game show where the host gives away bundles of prizes to contestants. The bundles contain brands that are sponsors of the show, and the host takes care to mention the name of the company while giving away the prizes. Some more covert types are simply items that celebrities wear, drink, eat or use. These celebrities are endorsers of the product although it seems like they were innocuously using them.

Public Service Advertising – These kinds of advertisement are for non-profit purposes and are mostly sponsored by the government or non-government organizations. The purpose of these ads is to spread awareness of the cause, which is usually for the benefit of the audience.