Kinds Of Communication Tools

Depending on your needs there can be different kinds of communication tool. Communication is the act of exchange of information between two or more individuals. It has the utmost importance in our daily lives and is amongst one of the first things that man learnt. In the ancient times, man used to communicate using pictures or special symbols he had designated for different objects. However, with time he developed language so that one person could communicate with another.

In the 21st century, there has been a boom in communication and man has all kinds of communication tools available to him. Communication has become really fast and now you can talk with anyone sitting anywhere in the world. The world has now become a global village and physical distance has no meaning. The kinds of communication tools in our use today are:


The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1880s and with its invention the world ushered in a new era of prosperity. Now any two persons with a telephone connection could sit and communicate with each other no matter how far they were from each other. The telephone industry has progressed by leaps and bounds and now almost every house in the world has got a landline connection.


A mobile as the name suggests refers to ‘moving’ and it is named so because it is a small device which you can carry around and use it to communicate with anyone around the world. They became popular in 1990s and now even kids have them. They were the next milestone in telecommunication as now you do not have to worry about having a landline connection. A mobile works on GSM which is a wireless technology.


Email or Electronic mail has completely replaced the traditional post by mail. Almost all official correspondence is done over the email now whether it is intercompany or intra company correspondence. Similarly, you can use it as a kind of communication tool to connect with your friends and family. It works instantly and you do not have to wait long like postal mail.

There are several mailing service providers available on the internet that is used commercially. However, companies have their own dedicated mailing servers as well. It is really easy to send an email. You can send it to hundreds of people simultaneously and wouldn’t have to worry about writing a letter to every person separately.

There are many other kinds of communication tools available to people as well. However, the list will be too long to mention here. The social networking websites are also considered as one of the most effective kinds of communication tool that allow you to not only connect with the friends and family but if you are a company you can use it to market your business. All the types stated above are just some important types. There can be more types of communication tools depending on the purpose of communication and other details engaged in carrying out a communication process.