Kinds Of Jobs In Advertising

There are different kinds of jobs in advertising but the most common is creating ads. An ad agency has two main work streams and it is up to you to decide which one interests you. There us the creative section where you can find people who visualize and conceptualize ads. The kinds of jobs in advertising in this section include copywriters and art directors. The other section is the client servicing and it involves people interacting with the industry and act as an interface between them and the ad agency.

There are four aspects in the different kinds of jobs in advertising. These include copy, art, client servicing and media buying.

Copy Writing

Technically speaking, a copywriter is the one who creates the wordings of the advertisement whether is a print ad or a radio or TV commercial. The copywriter comes up with the tagline that catches the attention of the viewers or listeners. If advertisement is considered the heart of marketing then it is safe to say that copywriters are its soul. It is their job to craft catchy lines that will leave its mark to the people. These kinds of jobs in advertising can be difficult at times especially when the copywriter is experiencing a writer’s block.

Ad Filmmaker

An ad filmmaker makes the commercial we see on the television. The ad filmmaker receives and examines the script written by the copywriter and the art director and also contributes suggestions to make the commercial more interesting.

Art Director

Art directors work hand in hand with copywriters and together they come up with the big idea. An art director decides how to present the words written by the copywriter. He or she is entirely involved with the ad from its early stages to the stage where it is ready to be distributed to newspapers and magazines. For commercial ads, on the other hand, the art director supervises the filming and the final production.

Client Servicing

Client servicing jobs are the kinds of jobs in advertising that involve marketing background. They are the ones that come up with a plan on how to sell or present the final product to the consumer. He is also responsible for making money for the ad agency by selling the idea to the clients.

Media Buyers

This job involves buying of space in newspapers or magazines or airtime on television channels or radio channels for the ads. They are also involved in the advertising strategy and are responsible for reading magazines and watching television channels to get an idea where to place the ads where their targeted audience can see, read or hear it.

There are also technical kinds of jobs in advertising and these roles are highly skilled. They are the ones involved in the technical part of creating the ads. Their roles include camera, sound, lighting, editing among others. There are also admin and support roles that can be found in advertising. Just like all industries, advertising companies also need and rely on highly skilled support staff.