Kinds Of Jobs In India

India is one of most diverse countries as people have different skill-sets and academic qualifications, hence is one of the biggest hub to outsource business to. Due to the humongous population of the country the job opportunities are scarce in most cities and hence a lot of young people prefer to relocate to other countries and greener pastures. As a rule Indian Government and firms from different sectors believe in equal opportunity that is based on qualifications, experience and skills to its citizen.

Let us take a look at the various kinds of jobs in India that the youth prefer to work for.

Engineering – India has a lot of work opportunities for the various fields in engineering like software, mechanical, aeronautical, chemical and has some of the best jobs for this field in the country. A lot of multinational companies have set up production and offices in India along with the local business and hence this is one of the most booming professions.

BPO – One of the most booming industries in India is the BPO sector and due to a lucrative payout, a lot of young candidates prefer working in this sector. A lot of US, UK, Australian and other western countries have outsourced their jobs in India providing ample job opportunities in this sector. There are call centers in almost every major city in the country that ranges from thousands of employees to a 10 employees set up.

Corporate Sector – Marketing, advertising, sales, finance, production, HR positions etc of the various multinational companies have created a lot of different kinds of jobs in India for the qualified youth. The corporate sector is also one of the best lucrative and paying job profiles in the country.

Airline staff – India has a booming airline business that provides a lot of job opportunities to people like airline crew, engineers, pilots, ground staff, cargo staff etc, and other jobs that are related to this industry. These kinds of jobs in India are more famous with the middle class youth who take this more as a chance to roam around the world along with making a career.

Government jobs – Of all the different kinds of jobs in India, most of the young brigade is happy to get in to various profiles in a government job. Some of the most common jobs are IAS, clerical, IT dept, PWD, railways, police and other government jobs that are available. Most jobs are assigned through open entrance exams that provide equal opportunity to everyone.

Defense – The Indian Navy, Army and Air force also employs a lot of youth of the country in various capacities as per their skills and qualifications. These kinds of jobs in India are one of the most esteemed and highly coveted job profiles.

Apart from these kinds of jobs in India, there are other traditional working jobs like daily labor, farming, artisans, service industry, and medical professionals and other small and odd jobs. People take up these jobs as per their skill set and requirement as getting a job in any of the above industries is highly competitive.