Kinds Of Jobs In Marketing

The kinds of jobs in marketing field are diversified. This diversification of the opportunities in marketing could be reflected in several types of marketing careers that range from advertising to research in marketing. Many of the opportunities that are offered by the traditional employers have been added with the growing concerns with the marketing in several non-traditional organizations. The traditional employers are manufacturers, retailers, firms for consulting and agencies for advertising. The non-traditional employers are hospitals, institutions, performing arts and government.

Product Management:

A manager would be assigned by many of the organizations for the development of the marketing plans for the single product or a group of products. The product managers would involve in commissioning and the interpretation of the market research studies along with the process of analyzing the data of sales and identification of current trends. The product managers would also work with the advertising agencies for developing campaigns and would work with the sales managers for coordinating the new promotions. It could be noticed that some of the college graduates beginning their careers in product management as the brand assistants who would work directly for the product managers or in some cases directly for the brand. In some of the organizations, some sort of experience in sales would be considered as one of the useful preparations.

Sales Management:

The most important among the kinds of jobs in marketing would be the management of sales. All the jobs that are involved in the sales management offer a person with the exceptional level of acting independently. The sales people would themselves be responsible for managing their own time and tasks. The positions for the sales would be lucrative. This is because of the large numbers of positions available and the necessities for developing the relationships with customers or distributors. Due to these qualities, many people would tend to turn down the opportunities in sales.

Advertising Careers:

The careers in advertising have visibility and glamorous image. The positions in the advertising field are available in 3 types of organizations namely (1) advertisers, (2) media and (3) agencies. The advertisers may be one of the following: (1) manufacturers, (2) retail stores, (3) service firms and many other companies. These media offers the following advertising careers: (1) television, (2) radio stations and (3) magazines and (4) newspapers. And, advertising agencies offer the following jobs: (1) account management, (2) research, (3) media and (4) creative services.

Marketing Research and Consulting:

These kinds of jobs in marketing play the important roles in current world for many organizations. They would take the responsibilities for obtaining, analyzing and the interpretation of data for facilitating the marketing decisions. Basically, the marketing researchers and consultants are the problem solvers. Along with the knowledge in statistics and computers, these kinds of job in marketing require the knowledge about the behaviors of the buyers and the abilities for communicating with the management.

Marketing Executives:

Marketing executives would involve in the development of the marketing campaigns for promoting the products, services or ideas. The roles of the marketing executives include: (1) planning, (2) advertising, (3) public relations, (4) organizing events, (5) product development, (6) distribution, (7) sponsorship and (8) research. More often, this job is challenging and exciting.