Kinds Of Communication Channels

Communication may decrease the lack of communication between two people. Various kinds of communication channels are there and some of them are discussed here:


This kind of communication channel is normally written to give a description of the products and services. They are designed to be documents that provide informational service but they are usually used for convincing purposes. They are normally written with visual set up to aid the readers in understanding the message in the brochure. For this kind of communication channel to be effective, the write should eliminate too much unnecessary information so that the message being passed is focused and with high clarity.


These are written or typed formal business documents. These are used to pass information about things that do not occur everyday. Examples of instances where this kind of communication channel might be used are awards, honors. Job offers and declined job applications. Letters are still used these days for advertisement though; they are not very effective anymore.


This channel is used both for business and in everyday live. It is a fast and effective channel of communication. Business people use email to send and receive information about everyday activity. They can be used by anyone also to communicate with their families and friends.

Video Email:

This is still a new channel which works just the same way as email but instead of writing, you can actually talk to someone you are communicating to. The problem with this channel of communication, just like email, is that it is a one way communicated. You will still have to wait for the reply from the person you are communicating to after they have watched the video. It is mostly used by business people when sending short sales messages.


This kind of communication channel is very good and popular. This is because one can actually talk to the person they are communicating to instead of typed words. The message is understood better because you can tell the emotions and stress of someone you are talking to. You can get immediate feedback from someone you are communicating with. This channel is very popular among business people as it is considered, these days, as important way of doing business.

Video Conferencing:

This kind of communication channel has the technology that allows people from different locations to see each other and communicate interactively. It is a very convenient and cost effective. Because of the cost it is incurred to install the necessary technology, they are mostly found in businesses but individuals can also have and use them.


This is considered as the best channel of communication because it gives chance for the use of all senses and immediate feedback from all those involved.


These are not the only available channels of communication. Recently FaceBook, Twitte and Youtube emerged. Though businessmen are still gaining trust for these channels, they are extremely doing well in social communication. For the best productivity one has to choose the best method to use from the many channels available.