Kinds Of Flowers Pictures

Flowers are one of the most beautiful and pleasing creation of nature and are widely seen and available in almost every corner of the world. When we talk about the various kinds of flowers pictures denote vivid colors and unique shapes of the flowers. Flowers are used for different reasons in different regions around the world, some people use them to decorate their home, others use for worship, some use to congratulate or compliment, for funerals, some gift them as a token of appreciation, while some others plant them to beautify their surroundings.

There are different kinds of flowers pictures that let us witness special species of flowers that are not locally available. Let us look at some of the most well known flowers in the world and what they signify in different cultures.


When talking about different kinds of flowers pictures of roses are amongst the first to come to mind. They are one of the most popular flowers and are available in a variety of different colors. Roses denote love and are one of the most commonly used flowers in weddings, during proposals, dates and other such occasions. The most coveted of the lot is a red rose whereas white, pink, yellow, amber etc are also widely used.


Lilies are one of the most beautiful groups of bulbous flowers that are found in different colors and shapes. Different kinds of flowers pictures different emotions in the cultures over the world. In that manner lilies are used in the Western culture as a symbol of resurrection of life and hence are widely offered at burials and funerals, whereas they are used to decorate party halls and wedding destinations in some countries.


Tulips are bulbous flowers and are perennial in nature. Available in a wide variety of colors these kinds of flowers pictures care, affection, forgiveness and love in most cultures. These flowers have around 75 different species altogether and found in most corners of the world.


These pretty flowers are perfect for landscaping purpose, due to the beautiful vivid colors and also their perennial nature. These flowers are mostly found in Europe and West Asia and have around 60 different species. Daffodils are a symbol for various cancer awareness programs and cancer society’s in different parts of the world


Orchids are one of the most loved flowers over the world for their unique feature. These kinds of flowers pictures delicate beauty and are used to symbolize perfection in most cultures. Orchids have more than 26000 different species but are still one of the most expensive flowers used in bouquets or other arrangements


Carnations are one of few types of flowers that have diverse significance in most cultures. They are available in different colors and are mostly used in a bouquet and for decoration purpose. They depict various emotions like gratitude, remembrance, cheerfulness and some extreme emotions like refusal and flashy personality.

There are more than thousands of kinds of flowers that we see around us in almost every walk of life and all these flowers are used to depict different emotions and purposes. Some common ones are Aster, chrysanthemum, Azalea, Daisies, freesia, Gardenia, Hibiscus, Hydrangea, Jasmine, Lavender, Magnolia etc