Kinds Of Government In The Philippines

Many people many wonder about the kinds of government in the philippines. To be able to understand the kinds of government in the philippines it is important to know about the kinds of government that the world can have. Some countries may even have a government that fits the definition of more than one kinds of government.

Here are the kinds of government in the world-

– Democracy

– Dictatorship

– Anarchy

– Monarchy

– Absolute monarchy

– Oligarchy

– Parliamentary democracy

– Parliamentary monarchy

– Parliamentary government

– Unitary

– Constitutional

– Authoritarian

– Presidential

– Communist

– Capitalist

– Socialism

– Totalitarian

– Confederacy

– Federal

– Ecclesiastical

– Republic

– Democratic republic

– Constitutional democracy

– Constitutional monarchy

– Federal republic

– Islamic republic

– Emirates

– Theocracy

– Sultanate

– Marxism

– Maoism

– Marxism-Leninism

These are the kinds of government that many countries in the world has. The kinds of government in the philippines have the kinds of government that exists in the above mentioned list. Here are the kinds of government in the philippines:

– Republic form of government- the republican form of government is one where there is no ruler or monarch who works for their personal benefit or for the benefit of the nobility. The public offices are given to people based on merit or elections instead of by inheritance. It is the polar opposite of the monarchic form of government. This is an ancient form of government and it is still highly successful.

– Unitary form of government- this form of government shows two distinct governing bodies. The main governing body is the central government while the district governments are given some administrative powers. Although the district governments do have some administrative powers the main powers are in given to the central government. In case of any policy deadlocks between the two governments, the central government has the right to overrule the district governments’ proposal.

– Presidential form of government- in such a form of government there is an executive wing the head of which is also the head of the state. The head of the state is also the head of the government. The president can be an elected head or may be an unelected monarch. In a true presidential form of government the president is the real head of state but there may be forms of government where the president is a ceremonial head.

– Constitutional republic- the constitution is the rule book of all constitutional republics. The constitution may be written or unwritten. Irrespective of the form in which the constitution is available the laws of the state are laid down by the constitution. It is the constitution that declares the state as an independent body. It grants the citizens all the basic human rights. So, all the laws of the nation can be found to be encompasses within the constitution itself.

These are the kinds of government in the philippines that comes together to form the government that rules Philippines. Philippines is one of the most beautiful countries on the earth. This country has got good climate and visiting destinations. Government has always played crucial role into the progress of this country. Thus, it is necessary to know the kinds of government in the phillipines.