Kinds Of Graphs In Math

Graphs are diagrams that help us read and interpret data. There are many kinds of graphs in math. The choice of the type of graph to use basically depends on the type of data to represent.

Understanding how to read and develop graphs is a very important attainment. In todays world, without graphs, it would be easy to get confused when making decisions with so much information available. One beauty of using graphs is that they make complex information easy to understand. Another advantage of using graphs is that one can read and understand more information with a shorter time. Developing, reading and using graphs in our daily lives seems to be a daunting task but in the real sense they make life a lot easier.

Kinds of graphs in math are table graph, vertical bar graphs, horizontal bar graphs, double bar graph, line graph, two line graph and pie chart. To get an idea on the choice of the kind of graph to choose from in math, one has to know what each one of them is used for.

Table Graphs:

Table graph is used to arrange data in an organized manner. It is not really considered as a kind of graph in math because the data in the table graph is usually used to draw other types of graphs.

Vertical Bar Graphs:

In this kind, data is represented with vertical bars running from the bottom of the graph then upwards. The linear extent of the bars are relative to the amount of data to be represented. One place which this kind of graph is useful is when there is no data for one axis of the graph. Vertical bar graphs are also useful in representing data made up of many different entities.

Horizontal Bar Graphs:

They represent data in the same way the vertical bar graphs does because the length of each bar relative to the quantity of data to be represented. The only difference is that they run horizontally instead of vertically as in the case vertical bar graphs. Just like Vertical Bar Graphs they are used to analyze groups of data and get an idea about what they represent more easily.

Double Bar Graphs:

This kind of graph displays data with both vertical and horizontal bars. They are used examine two groups of data that are related. Vertical bars in the graphs represent one set while the horizontal bars represent another set.

Line Graph:

Line graphs are very useful kind of graph used in math. Line graph is drawn by linking line sections together They are used to display data that are related in some way over a period of time so that the line in the graph will show a general direction in which it tends to.

Double Line Graph:

Double line graph uses two lines in one graph. They are used to compares two sets of data that are related to each other against one common thing in order to track changes in the data.

Pie Chart:

It is a round chart that is partitioned into sectors that represent some data. The sectors are divided in fractions or angles to match the quantity of the data to be represented. They are very useful when analyzing different aspects of an amount of data.