Kinds Of Houses In India

Housing is one the most important and probably the most expensive need of people in India and around the world. There are different kinds of house in india that differ as per the states and people’s financial viability. It is said that the house shelters the day dreaming, along with the dream and provides him with a place to dream peaceful. Be it a rich or a poor man, having a roof over his head is of utmost importance to him.

Let us take a look at some of the most common kinds of houses in India.

Huts – Huts are probably the most modest of the different kinds of houses in the world. A hut is a small dwelling made from mud, cement, or naturally available materials like leaves or dung. As compared to any other kind of houses, huts are the smallest and the most simple and basic accommodation. They usually have one or two room and the roof is not too high. Nowadays the number of huts in India is reducing and can be witnessed in tribal areas or in big cities where the extremely poor who can’t afford a house for their family, build huts on footpaths or in slum areas. The best examples of huts in cities are chawls in Mumbai or small tenements of construction workers in other major cities.

Apartments – Apartments are one of the most common places of residence for the middle class people in India. These kinds of houses in India are also known as flats or blocks in common terms. Apartment can be a single room and can go up to 4 to 6 rooms in total. They are a part of a building or a tower that houses different flats on each floor that are either owned or leased. Apartments are a concept that is more popular in the metros and other big cities.

Bungalows – Bungalows or villas are the preferred place of abode for the rich people in India. These kinds of houses are more common in cities and towns as opposed to villages however due to the space constraint in major metros like Mumbai; Bungalows are fast dwindling and making way for posh residential complex. Bungalows are big in size and have more than one floor, a terrace top and lots of rooms.

Row houses – Row houses are a cluster of 3 or more houses that share a common wall with the next home. These types of houses in India are fast growing and are mostly seen in suburban towns and tier II cities in the country. Mostly the upper middle class people who can’t afford bungalows live in row houses.

Studio Apartment – The soaring property prices have made studio apartment as an affordable housing option in major cities. The people who stay in these kinds of houses in India are usually single and young people who live away from their home for professional reasons or to study in big cities.

Palaces – Although very few palaces now exist and most of the existing palaces are now converted in to hotels; Palaces accounted for a big number of houses at one point of time in the country.