Kinds Of Jobs In Mexico

Many people are migrating to Mexico to find new kinds of jobs in mexico and new way of living. People have different reasons why they move to Mexico:

a) To have a change in the society they live in.

b) Because life is a lot slower in Mexico, people move there for a quieter life and therefore reduction of stress.

c) Also because life is slower in Mexico, there is a lot of leisure time.

d) Mexico has a very good climate and environment.

e) To have more job experience.

There are many other circumstances also that can make one move and work in Mexico. There are many multinational companies and industries that have local offices where they are located. There are those kinds of jobs in these industries that might require employees to relocate for an important assignment.

Other foreigners are moving to Mexico to start start businesses. Most of them offer specialized skills like software development and consulting. Before setting up a business in Mexico, you might want to seek advice first before taking any step.

The kinds of jobs in Mexico come from important economic resources of the country. Also, there are many foreign companies in Mexico that will not mind hiring a foreigner. Here are the kinds of jobs in Mexico:

1. Education:

In terms of business, this is a small area but there are many private schools in Mexico and schools that teach foreign languages. Also, in public schools, most classes are thought in English.

2. Mining:

Mexico is a world leader in the export of silver and the country has one of the largest oil reserves meaning that there are jobs here.

3. Manufacturing:

Most manufacturing industries are based in Mexico city. The industries include; mineral refineries, car manufacturing industries, textile and food factories. There are foreign companies that are situated at the US border and they are taking advantage of the cheaper cost of labor in order to get finished goods to export to US. There are a lot of jobs arising everyday in this area.

4. Agriculture:

Thirty percent of the workers in Mexico are in the Agricultural Industry. There are many small scale farming farms that have all kinds of farming jobs. There are also large farms offering a job as opportunities arises. The major large farms are maize farms, tobacco farms, fruits coffee, vegetables and tequila plants.

5. Tourism:

Sixteen percent of earnings of Mexico from foreign sources come from tourism. There are more than 2.5 million jobs in the tourism industry in Mexico and fewer than 10% are from Mexico.

6. Other Areas:

There are job opportunities in other areas like telecommunication, IT and Software, Chemical industries, motor vehicle industries, petroleum and other areas.

Before you move, consider the time that you will want to stay in Mexico so that you get the right working permit. You can not take a permanent permit when you will be going to be staying in Mexico for a few years. There are many kinds of work permits depending on the kind of work you do and the time you are staying.