Kinds Of Media Communication

There are different kinds of media communication. Communication media refers to the act of delivering and receiving data in different languages: whether it is pictorial messages of the past ages or the developed high technology media found today. Mass media, apart from going hand in hand with entertainment, remains the effective way for information dissemination, advertisement, marketing, communication and generally for: expression and sharing of views, opinions and ideas.

In this day and age, there are different kinds of media communication we are accustomed with regardless of our age and sexual status as discussed bellow.

Print media

This kind of communication media covers a wide range of mass communication through the use of printed materials including:

– Newspapers-They are vital platform of mass communication as they penetrate into the corners and nooks where electronic medium fail to reach. A newspaper contains all sorts of stories from different topics and it carries lighter vein topics which captivates imagination and interest of the reader.

– Booklets and Brochures- this kind of communication media are basically for promoting literature of an item or an organization and are divided in two types; pre-buying and post-buying promotion.

– Magazines- Magazines cater for particular type of audience looking for information based on a specific topic or subject. They carry a plethora of subjects like, entertainments, current affairs, fashion etc

– Periodicals/Newsletters/House magazines- most organization update their stakeholders in order to be successful. The periodicals usually contains information about offerings, firm`s achievements and workers engagement activities.

– Direct mailers-these are small pamphlets for advertising and marketing. They are relatively cost effective.

– Flyers- It is easy to carry, colorful, legible and attractive; common with hotels, clubs, delis and political campaigns.

– Billboards

– Press release

– Books

Electric Media

The emergence of electronic media has overtaken the print media though some still prefer to use the print media for a number of communication reasons. This kind of communication media also known as ‘broadcast media’ requires an individual to utilize the electric connection so as to access the system. Nowadays, most people have opted for radios, television sets and sustainable internet access which are cost effective, sustainable and eco friendly kinds of media communication.

New Age Media

Internet advancement has really brought a significant change in the kinds of communication media used today. Computers, mobile phones and Internet are all referred as the new age media. They are faster, reliable efficient than the previous kinds of communication media. The invention of internet has opened a wide door for several opportunities in mass communication such like;

– eBooks,

– blogging

– eForums

– email

– websites

– podcasts

– Internet TVs and many more kinds of media communication booming today.

With the social networking site, internet has redefined the mass communication all together. Sites like: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many others being developed every now and again has made communication to reach large group of people easily, entertaining and interesting.

Visual medium like photos is also an essential kind of communication media as it communicates through visual representations. Public speaking and event organization are both considered as kinds of media communication.

Though print media is still popular, it is not viable to the environment. Internet has completely changed conventional means of communication and more people are shifting to the use of eBooks, e-brochures etc. mass communication has seen a tremendous evolvement for the past years and it’s still expected to advance in the coming future. What you need to do is o keep yourself abreast with current innovations in different kinds of communication media.