Kinds Of Poverty In India

There are a few kinds of poverty in india and they are categorized by how they are caused:

1. Low Productivity In Farms:

Low production in farms has led to poverty in India because Indians chose to fragment their land to small pieces which leads to uneconomical farming and low output. The low productivity in Agriculture is also because of lack of capital and lack of information about modern ways of farming.

2. Underutilized resources:

There is huge unemployment and this has brought a kind of poverty in india. There are a lot of skilled people in India who are just busking around instead of being resourceful. There is also the underutilization of other resources like the natural minerals, sports, technology and many more.

3. Low Rate of Economic Development:

There is a kind of poverty that is brought about by the time it takes to get the required goods and services in time. If the time it takes to do this is long, then the economic development rate is very low. Low rate of economic development strains a lot of people forcing them to poverty.

4. Price Rise:

Prices of goods and services have been rising in the market. This keeps those who can afford less deep in poverty. The poor people are struggling to get their basic needs. This kind of poverty will keep growing until the prices of goods and services stops rising.

5. Unemployment:

The numbers of job opportunities are fewer than the number of those looking for those opportunities. This has led to many have no source of income. This increases the level of poverty in India.

6. Unavailability of Capital to Start Business:

Starting businesses is the only best way of eradicating poverty slowly and surely. In India, there is little aid to help the poor people to start business. This kind of poverty, in India, can be reduced by giving the youth funds to start their own businesses.

7. Social Factors:

The caste system is a major setback in the process of eradicating poverty in India. This increases the level of poverty because it discriminates. Those who belong to the lower classes in the caste system are subjected to poverty.

8. Political Factors:

When the British entered India, India was undergoing a lot of development on its best way but the British spoiled everything when they set up a colonial state. They arranged everything they found in India to fit their own needs.

These days, as Indians enjoy independence, most of their development comes from the interests of the political stand and unemployment and poverty eradication will remain unsolved.

9. Rapid Rising Population.

In the last 50 years, the population of India has been rising by the rate of 2.2%. In other words 17million people are added each year to the population of India. This leads to heavier consumption of goods and services. This leads to poverty because there are more to use the available resources.

10. Illiteracy:

People in India, who are living in poverty, are having no way of accessing information that can show them better ways to live and earn a living.