Kinds Of Quadrilaterals And Its Properties

In the subject of mathematics kinds of quadrilaterals and its properties play the major role in solving geometrical questions. Quadrilaterals are shapes with four sides. Quad means four while lateral means sides. For a shape to be regarded ad as a quadrilateral, it must be have four straight sides and must be a two dimensional. Common properties among quadrilaterals are:

1) They have four sides.

2) Their internal angles add up to 3600.

3) They have four corners called vertices.

Let’s take a look at a special kind of quadrilateral, and its properties, called parallelograms:

The Rectangle:

A rectangle is a four sided figure with the two opposite sides equal and all the angles in it are right angles. Also, they length of the two opposite sides are equal and parallel.

The square:

This parallelogram has its entire sides equal and all the angles it it are right angle. Just like the rectangle, the opposite sides are parallel. The properties of the square make it match to be called a rectangle and a rhombus.

The Rhombus:

Just like the square, all the sides of a rhombus have equal length. They have opposite sides that are parallel and opposite angles are also equal. One interesting thing about a rhombus is that when lines are drawn from each corner, they bisect each other at an angle of 900.

The Parallelogram:

Parallelograms have opposite sides equal in length and are parallel. The opposite angles are equal. Rectangles are actually parallelograms.

Trapezoid or A Trapezium:

They have one pair of its sides equal. When two sides that are not parallel are equal and the angles they form are equal, they are called isosceles trapezium or trapezoid.

Irregular Quadrilaterals:

All the quadrilaterals are irregular except the square.

The Kite:

This kind of quadrilaterals is made up of four lines, with two lines meeting side by side being equal, just like a kite.

Those were all the special kinds of quadrilaterals. Now let’s look at another kind of quadrilaterals and their properties called the Complex Quadrilaterals.

Complex Quadrilaterals are four sided polygons that has some sides intersecting. They are still four sided figures but they have two sides crossing over each other.

All the quadrilaterals are polygons of four sides in the same way a pentagon is a five sided figure.

All kinds of quadrilaterals and its properties study begins in schools geometry class though anyone can self learn this study with books and the internet. They are generally easy to learn because you do not have to have to be so smart to understand these skills.

All the kinds of quadrilaterals and its properties are used in many situations in real life. An example of where they are applicable is in architecture and building where they are used to create floor plan for new buildings or to create space in original buildings. All kinds of quadrilaterals and their properties are used everywhere. Examples are computer programming, art, web design, logos, packaging etc.

You can easily notice many kinds of quadrilaterals in your daily life like; tables, road, doors, gates, screen, etc.