Kinds Of Semi Truck

What could be the kinds of semi truck? Semi trucks are large vehicles that are used for transporting big and heavy good such as cars, industrial goods and raw materials. They accomplish this by the use of trailers that are towed with a tractor. They are called semi trucks because they have no engine of their own; they have to be attached to a tractor in order to make them useful.

The main categorization of the kinds of semi truck vehicles are:

Light trucks

Medium trucks and

Heavy trucks.

There are many sub categories of kinds of semi trucks and here are come:

Flat Bed Trailers:

This kind of semi trucks are mostly used for transporting industrial and construction goods such as cement, other building materials and cars. In most cases they are to be loaded and offloaded using cranes. The method of holding the goods to the trailer is usually chains and they need regular checking during transportation. to be a driver for a Flat Bed Trailer, you will have to go to school and acquire some useful skills before trying it out.


Tankers can be used to transport a wide range of fluids ranging from food such as milk, glucose and drinks to poisonous chemicals such as hydrochloric acid and gas oil. During transportation, they will have to be kept safe from damage from overheating and fires.

Livestock Trailers:

Livestock trailers are an interesting kind of semi truck vehicles because a lot of care has to be taken because animals can easily get injured during transportation. It is good to have this vehicles open in order to relaxation by getting proper ventilation. It is also not good to overload these vehicles so that the animals can have enough space between then. Animals that can be transported with this method are horses, cows, sheep, goats and many others. When transporting animals, regular checks have to be carried out each time to ensure that the animals are safe.


Vans are a kind of semi trucks that are used to transport household goods. Many people use semi trucks to transport when they are moving from one house to another. They are sometimes used to transport perishable goods because fridges can be easily installed in them.

Car Carriers:

There are two types of carriers widely used. They are open auto carrier and closed carrier. Open carries can carry many cars and sometimes even up to 10 but closed carriers can only carry two or three cars at most. Closed carries are mostly used for transporting expensive cars that cannot be exposed to the surrounding. Closed carriers are relatively more expensive to use than open carries.

Special Purpose Trailers:

There is a kind of semi truck that is not so common like those earlier mentioned. There are trailers made for transporting passengers. In some cases advertising companies use trucks to do road shows and they are designed to hold a small stage and heavy speakers so that they can advertise as the truck move. In some instances some special trucks tow more than one trailer.