Kinds Of Small Business To Start

Starting your own business venture is perhaps the most empowering thing you’ll ever do because being your own boss is an exhilarating feeling that can change your personality drastically. There are different kinds of small business to start that can help you get started as an entrepreneur. This foray will get you exposed to the world of business and empower you as a leader and as an entrepreneur. Starting your own small business is also a big step to become wise in running a business and getting the required hands on experience that will help you enter a new market.

Here is a list of the different kinds of small business to start to begin your entrepreneurial journey.

Housekeeping services

This is one of the best kinds of small business to start as a lot of people who are unable to spend time at home due to their demanding jobs can make use of this. This start-up is small and will require a relatively small budget as you don’t need to set an office set up so you save on rent and other miscellaneous utility bills. You can to have a freelance team of housekeeping professionals whose services you can employ as and when you get contracts. The orders will rise around festival and holiday season as most people get their entire houses cleaned just before major occasions and festivals.

Recruitment Firm

Every year the rate of employment is going down and more and more people are in needs of jobs. Starting a recruitment firm will give you the liberty to work from home and also has a lot of earning potential as most HR firms pay 10% of the employees CTC to the company as a payout per recruited employee sent by the recruitment firm. However to make this job work you would need good contacts with different companies HR departments.


If you have the knack for writing then you can start your own blog or write as a freelance article writer on various websites and eventually hire people whom you can give job assignments and take a percentage of their earnings as a commission. There are various freelance websites that cater to people from every corner of the world

Catering Service

If you have the knack of cooking then you can take catering orders for small parties and occasions. As your business booms you can start hiring help if the work gets out of your control. If you can afford place and other logistics you can even open a small restaurant of your own.

Health and wellness training

People are always conscious about their health and wellness however don’t have the time to visit a gym regularly. You can get the necessary certification and start personalized yoga or fitness class at the client’s home as per their convenience. This will give you the ability to do something by yourself and you wouldn’t need to spend big bucks to hire a place for conducting classes.


If you are good at academics, you can take personal tuitions from home for school children as per your teaching ability.

Apart from these there are other ideas for different kinds of small business to start like real estate broker, handicraft business, organizing tours and travels, horticulture, fish farming etc. As long as you have the passion for the job, there is no dearth of opportunities.