Kinds Of Stars In The Universe

Our sun is just one of the many kinds of stars in the universe. Most people do not wonder about the various kinds of stars in the universe. Some of the different kinds of stars in the universe are closer to us than we think they are. By mere eyesight we can guess that there are different kinds of stars in the universe. But it is impossible to see all the kinds of stars with our naked eyes. Even if one uses a telescope they may be able to see a variety of stars but without knowing each kind the experience is never complete.

Here are a few well known kinds of stars in the universe that one may be able to see through the telescope:

– Main Sequence Star- there is different phases in the life of a star. A star is born out of the fusion reactions that occur at the core of the star. When any star shows the continuous fusion reactions in the core it is said to be a Main Sequence Star. Our own sun is the best example of a Main Sequence Star; since the fusion reactions at the core of the sun had started billions of years back and they are still occurring.

– Red Giant Star- as the aging process of the star continues it forms a different kind of star altogether. The continuous fusion in the core dies out and the star turns into a Red Giant Star. This is a very volatile star since it can turn into a number of different kinds of stars. The closest neighbor Red Giant Star is the Betelgeuse, which is a part of the Orion constellation, it is said to be progressing towards super nova.

– Neutron Star- when a star like the Betelgeuse ages and achieves super nova the star explodes. As the star explodes its heavy core is left behind in the form of massive neutron stars. The stars are composed mostly of neutrons which are left behind post super nova. The RX J1856.5-3754 is our closest neutron star.

– White Dwarf Star- when the smaller stars complete their lifespan the internal pressure of their core blows the stars inside out. The outer fragments of the star merge with the rest of space. As the star cools down it forms the dwarf star. Our sun is likely to become a white dwarf after it dies.

– Brown Dwarf Star- some of the stars start accumulating mass but they are unable to ignite the fusion reaction in their cores. Such stars are seen as smaller darker stars. These stars are in a limbo between a planet and a star.

– Variable star- many stars in the universe seems to vary in brightness frequently. This may be caused by the stars expansion and contraction. Any star which exhibits these characteristics is called a variable star.

These are the commonly known kinds of stars in the universe. There are more classifications that are often debated over but the above mentioned kinds are widely accepted classification.