Kinds Of Warts On Hands

Warts are tiny, non cancerous and rough lumps that develop on any part of your body, especially on your hands. There are a lot of different kinds of warts on hands that either develops in clusters or in isolation. Their appearances differ depending upon the skin on which they grow. Warts are basically a virus (Human Papilloma Virus – HPV) that is caused due to the excess quantity of a hard protein called keratin. They develop on the top layer of your skin and are contagious through skin contact and are infectious. There are different kinds of warts all over your body and some of the most known warts are Plantar Warts, Common Warts, Flat Warts, Periungual Warts and Filiform Warts. Out of all these, the common warts are the ones that affect your hands.

Let us take a look at all the symptoms of these kinds of warts on hands, how they are caused and how they can be cured by learning about the Common Warts.

What are Common Warts?

Common warts, also known as Verruca Vulgaris, is a typical growth on the palm or finger of your hand that is caused due to the HPV that leads to small growth or boils that are dome shaped. They usually look like a dull gray cauliflower and are unattractive to look at. These kinds of warts on hands are not painful and can be easily cured. Common warts are more widespread as opposed to the other kinds of warts at 74% people suffering from warts have common warts

How are Common Warts caused?

These kinds of warts on hands are caused due to the influx of the Human Papilloma Virus, also commonly known as HPV, which is in reality a hard protein by the name keratin that rapidly grows out of the layers of your skin in the form of boils or small wounds. They are most commonly seen on the knuckles, fingers and palms of your hand. However apart from the HPV, these warts are caused due to skin-to-skin contact or using a common towel to wipe your hands or a surface that was exposed to the hands of a person suffering from common warts.

How can Common Warts be treated?

Most of the times, these warts go on their own without treatment. For those people who warts don’t go on their own, the good thing about these kinds of warts on hands can be easily treated. You need to see a doctor who will prescribe the right kind of medication for these warts. The recovery time for common warts differs from person to person; some warts take weeks while others are known to clear within days. Children also suffer from warts and their symptoms ease sooner than grownups. There are various different remedies to cure common warts; some of the widely used are duct tapes, salicylic acid, surgery, laser treatment, cryotheraphy, electrocautery, chemical treatments and antigen shots. However all of these remedies should be used only under the consultation and guidance of a general physician or a skin specialist.