Kinds Of Wood Flooring

Many new developments have been made in wood flooring in the last few years which has allowed the installation of wood flooring.

There are many advantages of having wooden floors and one is that they are pretty easy to maintain and clean. Unlike carpets, they do not keep dirt and therefore good when with people who have allergies.

There are different kinds of wood flooring that are available and one has to determine which kind is good for their building.

Kinds of wood floorings are divided into two major categories:

a) Solid Wood Flooring :

As the name tells, the wood used for making this kind of wood flooring is made up of all solid wood. The advantage with this kind of flooring is that they can be sandpapered and decorated anytime you want.

b) Engineered Wood Flooring:

These are wood floorings that are designed and manufactured using between three and nine wood facings. The wood can come from different kinds of wood species. Because these woods have used different grains, it makes it very good and long lasting. The wood with the best quality is put at the top. The only difficulty with this kind of wood flooring is that they cannot be finished as many times as in Solid wood flooring.

c) Factory Finished Wood Flooring:

Generally, it is good to have a finishing for any kind of wood floor that you decide to install. Finished wood flooring come with this already done by their producer. They are actually much more available than unfinished wood flooring. The advantage it has over unfinished wood flooring is that they take less time to put it in place. You can even walk on the floor immediately they are put in place.

d) Factory Unfinished Wood Flooring:

You can decide to buy wood from the manufacturer that have not been finished so that you can do the finishing according to your specifications. The advantage this kind of wood flooring has is that you can choose from several finishing kinds.

All wooden floors need finishing keeping it from wear and tear so that they will last long. The good thing about wooden floor is that you can change the color of the finishing to whichever you want anytime, unlike many other types of floors.

Other advantages of wooden floor are:

1. If installed properly and finished to protect from wear and tear, they can last for many years.

2. When you install a wooden floor to your house, you have added value to the house.

3. Wood flooring is an eco-friendly affair.

4. Wood flooring have a better advantage to other types of floors in that they have a better appearance.

Wood floorings cannot be installed in the bathrooms because wood is sensitive to water. They also need regular finishing because they are prone to scratching.

Find enough information about the kinds of wood flooring before deciding the one that will work best for you because this is a very important part of your house interior.