Kinds Of Wood Used For Furniture

Many people don’t know the kinds of wood used for furniture. The kinds of wood used for making furniture affect the quality, beauty, strength and the durability of the furniture. The succeeding part will introduce you to the various kinds of wood used for furniture.

Wood is classified into two major categories:

1) Soft wood and

2) Hard wood.

Soft Wood:

This is a kind of wood used for furniture that is obtained from coniferous trees for instance, cypress, pines, fir etc. Their wood appears to be reddish. Because soft wood generally grow faster than hardwood, they are less expensive than hardwood.

Let’s take a look on different kinds of wood used for furniture.


This type of softwood is very suitable for outdoor furniture because of its resistance to wear caused by moisture. It is colored lightly with red as its name suggests. They are soft therefore making it easy to work with and their price is very reasonable.


The grain of this wood is straight and colored lightly with red. Many people have chosen to use fir for building and construction but they also make very good furniture. This is a very cheap kind of wood of wood for furniture that you might be tempted to buy it and try working with them.


They come in various forms including sugar, yellow, white and ponderosa and all of them produce furnitures of high quality. Some people have found it soft enough to try curving with pines. They are relatively cheap and because take a short time to mature for harvesting, they are readily available in most parts.


This type of softwood is characterized by its relatively good smell and the reddish color of its straight grain. Just like redwood, they are suitable for outdoor furniture because they have a high resistance to wearing due to getting wet. It is reasonable priced and can be obtained easily.

Hard Wood

This is another major type of wood. It includes following subtypes.


This is the most common kind of wood used for furniture because it is easy to work with. There are two varieties; the red oak and the white oak. Many people prefer white oak for furniture because its more pleasing to the eye than the red oak.


It is one of the great woods for making furniture. It has relatively hard and straight reddish grain. The downside of mahogany is that they are expensive because they are not grown in forests that are being sustained.


Teak is very good for outdoor projects because of its ability to endure extreme weather conditions and its beautiful finish. The downside of using this wood is that they can be very expensive they are becoming rare.


It is a common wood used for making furniture and farmers are able to grow it in sustainable forests. You can decide to finish it with just oil and it still comes out beautiful. Because of its high demand, they are becoming more and more costly to use them. They are also hard to get and you might have to do some traveling if you must use them.