Kinds Of Writing Skills

There are many kinds of writing skills that one can exhibit. Knowing and having the various kinds of writing skills can act as a boost to one’s career. When applying for any job one needs to check if the job asks for any of the kinds of writing skills. One can start to practice and eventually acquire any of the kinds of writing skills which are popularly demanded.

Even if getting a job is not the objective knowledge of the kinds of writing skills can be prized asset. Writing skills can come in handy at any point of time.

Here are the main kinds of writing skills that are popularly demanded:

– Academic writing- as the name suggests it has something to do with academics. This involves everything from essays to reports. Any kind of academic assignment requires a special kind of tone to be used. Since a lot of research needs to be done for most of the academic topic this form of writing requires both research skill as well as writing skill. Academic writing skill is crucial not only during school or college years but can also be a very helpful skill in the long run.

– Professional writing- official journals, business reports, policy statements and all such official work have to be done in written form. An informal tone cannot be used here. One needs to have professional writing skills to be able to write all of the above. Professional writing is more matter of fact than academic writing. This is more factual and data based.

– Business writing- this is similar to professional writing but it uses more data and is highly purpose based. Resume writing, business plan writing and letter writing all falls under this category. A certain skill set is required to produce effective writing which highlights statistic points.

– Copy writing- this form of writing requires skill which is appealing as well as informative. Copy writing skills are required to produce marketing text as well as grant writing.

– Journalism- journalism writing involves sensation as well as information. Journalism writing skills can be exhibited by writing informative and factual data in a sugar coated or sensitized way. It also must be commentary in nature.

– Column writing or article writing- this is similar to journalism writing but it does not involve news or serious matters.

– Non fiction writing- this may involve writing on a large variety of topic. There is no set tone in which everything must be written. It is up to the writer. He or she may write on any non fictional topic. It can be a narrative or descriptive type of writing.

– Fiction writing- it is just the opposite of nonfiction. The subject and the storyline may be fictional. The writer has the freedom of expressing themselves any way they want.

– Poetry- this is a tricky form of writing since there are many kinds of poetry writing.

These are the main kinds of writing skills that one needs to be aware of. These writing skills can be used into many work areas.