Kinds Of Yoga Poses

There are several kinds of yoga poses available. Some of them are more beneficial than others. These yoga poses have many uses depending on the level of difficulty. Some types may be simple for someone who have in-depth knowledge of the poses engaged into the yoga.

Here are some of the kinds of yoga poses:

Seated ant Twist Poses:

This kind of yoga pose is very useful in making the spine more able to flex and bend easily. It has also been known to cleanse and remove poison from the body. Some of the examples of this kind of pose are; Bharadvaja’s Twist, Cow Face Pose and Fire Log Pose.

Restorative poses:

The main objective is to aid in bringing yourself to perfect relaxation. Examples of this are; legs-up-the-wall pose, child pose and corpse pose.

Meditation poses:

It is a better way of meditating rather that lying down and being prone to falling asleep. Meditation poses include; half lotus posture, full lotus posture and Egyptian pose.

Standing poses:

This kind of yoga poses help to increase your consciousness on your body posture and cause you to be energetic and alert. They also help to boost flexibility and arousal. Some examples of standing poses are triangle pose, mountain pose and standing forward bend.

Pranayama poses:

This yoga pose is specifically suited to improve the breathing of an individual by exercising with slow inhaling and exhaling. One can switch to fast and shallow breaths in the yoga. There are some good pranayama poses that you can try it out like; easy pose, half-lotus pose and lotus pose.

Inversion poses:

In this kind of yoga pose you will have to find a way of getting your legs over your head. This pose has been known to improve the blood circulatory in the body. They are also helpful in building endurance. Some of the inversion poses you can try are bridge pose and half inversion pose.

Forward Bend Poses:

This kind of yoga pose is very useful and it actually helps in building the back muscles and better development of the abdominal organs. Some of the forward bend yoga poses are; downward facing dog, extended puppy pose and intense side stretch pose.

Core Poses:

These are those poses that will help you strengthen your core. Some of the poses you can try this are; Happy baby pose, cat pose and crane pose.

Back Bend poses:

This can be done while you stand and they are very good in helping you improve balance. Some of its poses are cobra pose half frog pose and bridge pose.

Arm Balance poses:

It involves trying to support the whole of your body with just your hands or half of your body. Some of the examples are; feathered peacock pose and crane pose.

Bandha Poses:

There are many bandha poses techniques available. Bandhas are considered locks and they close in on certain parts of our bodies and it is believed that this time of yoga pose helps to unlock it. Some very popular poses of this kind are root bond and near abdominal lock.