Kind Of Dresses

Learn about Kind Of Dresses. Nowadays, a fashionable dress made using high-quality materials could easily become the symbol of elegance, femininity and class. Dresses are the most versatile creations introduced by the fashion industry, which have enchanted entire generations of women. There are numerous kinds of dresses (at least four identifiable types of dresses for formal occasions and four kinds of dresses for casual events, with hundreds of variations). Ever since 1860, the glorious era of the spectacular, crinoline-supported gowns, dress patterns have suffered significant modifications in length, design and size, dictated by different trends. However, one rule still applies, despite all these changes imposed by the fashion industry:  one must always select a certain dress according to the occasion.

Dresses for formal and semi-formal occasions
a) Ball dress (gown)-This is the perfect dress for special occasions, when all guests must comply with a formal dress code. Most ball gowns follow similar design specifications: they are ample, full-length dresses, made from expensive, premium fabric, for instance silk, fine lace or velvet. The look will always be completed by accessorizing the ball gown with statement jewelry, a matching clutch, high-heeled shoes and gloves. These kinds of dresses are usually monochrome and can be embellished with various decorative items, from natural pears and lace to crystals and diamonds.

b) Cocktail dress- Cocktail dresses are the perfect choice for semi-formal occasions. These kinds of dresses are fun to wear and much less elaborate than ball dresses. An ankle-length cocktail dress is appropriate for a “black tie” event, while a shorter elegant dress could still be appropriate for a less formal occasion. Christian Dior was the first inspired designer, who thought about introducing a new dress style, for all women who wanted to look spectacular during cocktail hours. Dior cocktail dresses wrote history in 1940. Nowadays, cocktail dress designs vary a great deal, but they still associated with bright, vivid colors, luxurious fabrics and expensive, opulent, eye-catchy accessories. There is one exception which should be taken into consideration, due to its outstanding popularity: the little black dress, introduced in the early 1920’s and considered a cocktail dress by some and an evening gown by others. The little black dress is usually sleeveless, monochrome and quite short, as its name suggests.

c) Evening gown: These kinds of dresses are always extremely long, elegant and sophisticated. They are appropriate for evening receptions, galas and other similar events.

d) Wedding dress: A special dress worn only by brides during the wedding ceremony and reception. It is usually white, symbolizing purity and innocence. There are hundreds of styles available- from the classic puffy princess wedding dresses to mermaid style wedding gowns and vintage, crinoline-supported models.

Casual dresses

a) Maxi dresses: These kinds of dresses are very beautiful, feminine and practical, at the same time and can easily replace the dull skirt or pants plus blouse combination. Ankle-length, casual dresses are extremely popular, and they come in different styles (strapless, sleeveless, one shoulder dresses, long sleeve dresses). They have been reinterpreted during the hippie movement, and the legendary floral print is still considered fashionable.
b) Midi dresses: Knee-length dresses are an ideal choice for spring and autumn, perfect for less formal business meetings, casual lunches and even for a relaxing night out. There are various styles available: from shirtdresses of masculine inspiration and common gymslips to the glamorous peplum strapless gowns. Midi dresses can be easily adapted to any style, body shape and size.
c) Mini dresses: Short dresses, worn especially during the summer months. The first model became truly popular in the 1960’s. They also come in different shapes (tulip dress, pencil dress, tube, bodycon dress, babydoll dress)
d) Night gown: Nightwear designed exclusively for women, usually made from fine, soft fabrics like silk and cotton, available in different lengths, colors and styles. These kinds of dresses are very feminine and comfortable at the same time.