Kinds Of Glasses

Discover kinds of glasses. There are different glasses made for specific drinks. In most occasions it will be very awkward to drink wine from a whiskey glass. In fact, enjoying that wine will be a forgotten case. This calls for need to purchase as many glasses of different shapes, colors and designs as possible to avoid any form embarrassment. There are very many types of glasses as there are kinds of drinks and hence choosing the perfect glass when serving plays a very significant role for entertainment.
Some of the most commonly used glasses include:

The Collins glass
These are the most common of all kinds of glasses. They are the ordinary glasses in most homes and some entertainment joints. Most can hold about 250 to 300 ml of fluid. They are tall and are normally used for serving alcoholic drinks or water.

The Highball glass
They are not as tall as the Collins glass and are usually rounder in shape. They can hold the same amount of fluids just like the Collins glass. They are also used to serve water, juice or alcoholic drinks.

The Beer glasses
These are two types of beer glasses: the beer stain glass and the ordinary beer glass. The beer stain glasses are sometimes referred to as ‘a mug’ since it normally holds a full bottle of beer. Most are made with a handle.
On the other hand the ordinary beer glasses can also hold relatively large quantities of beer which is much more than the ordinary glasses. These kinds of glasses also exist in very many forms which include the pint glass, the wheat beer glass etc.
The pint glass can hold full pint. Its shape resembles that of an inverted cone with most having a circular base. Most of these glasses have a height of about six inches.

The wheat beer glass
These kinds of glasses are designed for serving beers which produce a lot of foam. They have a capacity of about 0.5 liters plus enough space for the form.

These kinds of glasses are used for both wine and cocktails. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For instance the red wine glasses are very different from the white wine glasses. These glasses are made with long stems which are held while drinking from them. Other than this, the stem also ensures that the hand’s temperature do not change the temperature of the glass content.

Examples include:
The cocktail glass

These kinds of glasses are also referred to as the martini glasses. Most are triangular in shape.

The sherry glass
They have a stem with a large and round bowl compared to the other stemware glasses.

The sniffer glasses
These kinds of glasses bowls’ are wider at the bottom and narrower at the top. They are mostly used for brandy liquor.
It’s necessary to have several kinds of glasses as each glass can only be used with a specific drink and for a particular event. The best rule of thumb is to have at least five different kinds of glasses other than the ordinary glasses.