Kinds Of Warts

Although different from each other, the kinds of warts are generally made up of abnormally growing skin tissue, with the abnormal growth instigated by a kind of virus. Many parts of the body are ideal breeding grounds for warts, including the soles of the feet and hands.
Typical manifestations of warts are hard blisters or, in the case of multiple warts, cauliflower protrusions.

There are around ten kinds of warts, and most of the ones we see on the body are harmless. Warts, however, are contagious. If you’re exposed to someone with warts and you have broken skin, it is possible that the virus will be passed on to you. Some warts persist for months and even years, except when permanent removal treatments are done. But even then, some people see recurrence of wart problems even after the removal treatment.

The different kinds of warts that could crop up on the skin of a person or animal are many. Here are some of the common ones.

Common wart (Verruca vulgaris) – These kinds of warts are recognizable because of their raised appearance on the skin. Commonly white, they occur on hands and feet. Most of the sufferers are children, usually under twelve years old. Skin cells multiply at a rapid pace on infected areas, especially when the person is not resistant to the virus. Common warts like verruca vulgaris are not dangerous, but they could be unsightly and contribute to the lowering of self-esteem in infected children.

Flat wart (Verruca plana) – Flat warts are the kinds of warts that can be passed off as skin discoloration. Only, they multiply in number, sometimes rapidly. The bumps caused by the virus are only slightly raised, and the surface of the wart is smooth. These are typically seen on necks and arms, armpits and the face. While not painful, these warts can cause discomfort if they appear too close to each other, and in great number, that the normal skin around them become pinched or irritated. Some of the factors that cause spread of the warts include constant shaving of an infected area.

Filiform warts are the kinds of warts that resemble threads. They usually appear on the eyelids and lips, or anywhere on the face. Another name for these kinds of warts is facial warts. These warts are flesh colored and relatively small, but could occur in bundles. They are treated using laser treatments, as they could bleed and spread quickly when the person tries to manually remove them, like pulling on them or scratching.

Venereal warts are usually Condyloma acuminatum and Verruca acuminate, and they occur exclusively on the pelvis region, on the genital organs. These kinds of warts are contagious and can be passed on to a partner during copulation. While commonly found on fleshy areas of the vagina and the penis, these warts also occur on the rectal area, near or around the mucous membranes. In some cases, these warts reach the inside of the vagina, infecting the cervix.