Kinds Of Acne

There are many different kinds of acne. Most people in today’s world suffer from the problem of acne. I am sure most of the people reading this article have at least once suffered from this terrible skin disease. This disease is not restricted to any age group and thus, the victim can be of any age to catch this ailment.

Well, now as a small introduction I would like to tell you what acne really is. This is a name which is usually used for pores which are clogged by a substance called sebum. This sebum is also called whiteheads and blackheads. Different kinds of acne lead to inflammation of the skin also. People should be aware of the different kinds of acne and their treatments.

The different kinds of acne are as follows:

Blackheads – This is a kind of acne which is noninflammatory. These are also called comedones. These occur when pores are blocked by dead skin cells. This results in the obstruction to the sebum which is being drained out. This results in the accumulation of the sebum under the skin. Thus, this sebum gets exposed to air, gets oxidized and hard and gradually turns black.

Whiteheads and milia – This kind of acne is again non-inflammatory in nature and caused in a similar way like the blackheads, but in this case a narrow pore is developed which does not allow the sebum, dead skin cells and the bacteria to come up to the surface of the skin. In case of milia, bacteria and sebum are not involved.

The above two kinds of acne is normally seen during early adolescence in the nose and in the forehead. They can be treated with products which contain salicylic acid.

Papules and pustules – This kind of acne is inflammatory in nature. They are also referred to as pimples. Papules do not contain pus. When a whitehead gets swollen up due to bacteria and oil, it starts getting ruptured and thus, releases the mixtures into the dermis of the skin. Since the glandular wall breaks and bacteria contaminate the area, inflammation takes place while white blood cells come to repair the affected area. This results in the formation of pus and when this pus comes up to the epidermis, this kind of acne becomes pustule. Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide lotions can help in the treatment of this type of acne.

Nodules and cysts – These are the most chronic and severe kinds of acne. They cause long term destruction to the dermis. They also result in the formation of acne scars. The formation of nodule and cysts is very painful. The nodules get into the deeper portions of the skin and lead to the destruction of tissues. It is a very severe form and can be cured with isotretinonin. Cysts are in the shape of a capsule. They contain pus either in the liquid or semi-liquid state. Nodules and cysts cause terrible infectious diseases. Both these kinds of acne cause a lot of inflammation in the affected areas.