Kinds Of Addictions

Learn about the kinds of addictions. Addiction is a very strong feeling. It is to do something repeatedly even if it is harmful. According to some scholar it is a compulsive need for something, forming a strong habit without tolerance. Usually addiction is referred to alcohol and drugs but in real there are many kinds of addictions that people follow. These addictive acts affect the human brain if someone doesn’t get what he is addictive to, he will consume it more to avoid that unpleasant feeling. Some of the kinds of addictions are discussed below.

Alcohol Addiction:
Alcohol addiction is among the most common kinds of addictions which many people suffered from. A person who is living on alcohol addiction he is bound consume drink every time, and if don’t get any, he will lose his mental condition and experience withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes alcohol addiction is unpleasant and scary for the surroundings.

Drugs Addiction:
These kinds of addictions are the one of the most dangerous addictions. Many people get involved in illegal drug consumption which affects their lives adversely. Most of the drugs affect consumer’s physical as well as a psychological condition. A person who is addicted to drugs become immune to that certain dose, after sometime his need to take a higher dose which is harmful for the human body. Person who is addicted to drugs may feel sleep deprivation and frequent mood swings like irritation and anger become common in his life.

Food Addiction:
Food addiction is not very common kinds of addictions; it is as some people get addicted to sweets or fats that they can’t stop eating it. Food addicts usually skip the topic of health, dieting and physical fitness. They try to cheat themselves and other people around to hide their food addiction. Food addicts become exhausted and irritated when they don’t find food for a long period of time, and they lose control over food when they find it. Weight loss programs, exercise, and fitness these words are not available in their dictionary. Due to these reasons food addicts suffers from obesity and other various diseases.

Gambling Addiction:
Gambling addiction is one of those kinds of addictions by which addicted person not only get harmed mentally but also financially. Gambling is defined as playing the game on stakes; there is always a chance of losing which can cause a financial loss as well as a mental disorder. Gambling is a disease, gambler has impulse disorder while gambling, and he desperately wants to win in any way. Sometimes this desperation leads to illness.

Work Addiction:
Work addiction is not considered as harmful or life threatening, but if you think about it deeply then you will realize they are among the most dangerous kinds of addictions. Workaholic life is most boring and stressful life, he doesn’t care about himself and his family. His family gets affected from these kinds of addictions which results in lack of trust and relationships in his life. For workaholic his major priority is work and money in which he might be very successful, but in personal life he is a failure. He felt happy when involve in some big projects but love and friendships have been missing in his life. He isn’t concerned with his health also; lots of work pressure makes him ill too.