Kinds Of Alcohol

Learn about kinds of alcohol. Alcohols or alcoholic beverages are drinks that contain the substance ethanol in various percentages. Alcohols are consumed worldwide in almost all the countries. Consumption of alcohols usually requires the consumer to be a minimum age which varies from country to country. There are basically three kinds of alcohol namely Spirit, Beer and Wine. Most alcohols are created from the fermentation and distillation of different grains like rye and wheat and different fruits like grapes and berries apart from a few special drinks like Tequila. Usually alcohols are differentiated based on their tastes, recipes, fermenting process and even the time taken to ferment.

Spirits are the kinds of alcohol that contain the highest percentage of ethanol in the beverage. A spirit drink usually has over 20% alcohol which is pretty high if compared to Beer and Wine. Most popular Spirit drinks are Whiskey, Rum, Vodka and Gin. A spirited drink is produced by fermentation and distillation of ryes, corns and fruits without any sweetener. Malted Barley is also used to produce some Spirits. Rum is stored in wooden Oak barrels for at least 30 years before they are consumed. This storage process creates the unique flavor of Rum that we all know so well. The drink Tequila is prepared from distilling a Mexican plant called Agave Tequilana. Vodka is created from mashed potato or Wheat and it is also the national drink of Russia.

Wines and Champagnes are usually made from Grapes and herbs. Wine is obtained after the complete fermentation of grapes and other ingredients which may take even years to complete. That is why Wines are usually quite aged and it is said that old wines taste better. The aging process varies based on the type of wine. Two most popular kinds of alcohol in wine category are Red and White wine. The red color of Red wine comes from the skins of dark grapes. Red wine is also very beneficial for the heart. White wine on the other hand is transparent and almost white in some cases. Madeira and Sherry are two of the well-known white wines. Rose wine is of pink color which is derived from removing the dark colored grape skins after the fermentation process has started. Sparkling wine is the result of a continued fermentation process in the bottle. Champagne is a popular sparkling white wine that is produced from a mixture of different grapes. Flavored herbs are also used in preparation of wines.

Beer is the last and probably most consumed among all kinds of alcohol. By many it is considered the best alcoholic beverage. Beer is created from fermenting and brewing grains. Malts, Barley, Wheat, Rye and Rice are also used in creating beer. There are mainly two types of beers, Lager and Ale. Lager is fermented at approximately 50 to 58 Degree Fahrenheit while Ale is fermented at 60 to 70 Degree Fahrenheit.

So here is one brief discussion about different kinds of alcohol. There are several subcategories in many of these drinks that are out of the scope of this article. But this piece of information can start as a good head start into the intoxicating world of alcohols.