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There are different kinds of airplanes grouped in five distinct categories. They are Special purpose planes, sea planes, military planes, aviation planes, and commercial transport planes.

Commercial transport planes: These kinds of airplanes (also referred to as airliners) are primary used for the transport of people and goods. There are different types of airliners but the four-engine jets are stronger and more powerful than others. Generally, commercial airplanes can travel between 800 to 950 kilometers per hour, but the four-engine airlines can travel farther and faster.

One example of a four-engine jet is the Boeing 747. This jet can carry about 1,000 passengers. Asides the passengers on board, it can equally carry about 175,000 liters of fuel, 12 washrooms, and 6 galleys (kitchens). The aircraft can fly 10, 475 kilometers or 6, 495 miles non-stop. That’s more than the distance between Tokyo and New York City.

Apart from four-engine jets, there are equally 3 engine jets as well as twin engine jets. As you can guess, 3 engine jets do not cover the same speed as the four-engine jets and they can take off on a shorter runway. However, some of them can carry just about the same number of passengers as the Boeing 747.
The smallest of these kinds of planes are twin engines and they make up about 90% of all commercial airplanes today. So, why are they much in number than other kinds of airliners? Because people like their design compared to other types. Also, their operation costare quite lower and they have lesser engine failures compared to the four or three- engine jets.

Aviation Planes: Almost all kinds of airplanes in this category have one engine and 2 to 6 seats. They are used for several purposes. They can be used for transportation, for taking pictures of or making videos from a high view, or by students who want to learn how to fly planes. They are equally used for counting livestock, checking soil erosion, planting seeds, and generally anything that requires someone doing it from a high-up view

Military planes: As you are probably thinking, these kinds of airplanes are used by the military. Most of these planes are used to fight wars both in the air and on ground. Some military airplanes are utilized to carry soldiers and equipments to battlefields and bases.

Sea planes: These kinds of airplanes are grouped into 3 distinct categories: amphibians, flying boats, and float boats. Amphibians can fly both on water and land, have frog-like shapes, and can fly without wings. Flying boats are shaped like a boat’s hull and they can equally stay on water. Meanwhile, float planes are made of big floats rather than wheels.

Special purpose Airplanes: These kinds of airplanes are used for special purposes like spraying of chemical on plants, or performing tricks during shows. However, there are some amphibian airplanes that are utilized as special purpose planes as well. They are used quenching forest fires by flying above ponds and lakes and sucking up water and then later spraying the water on forest fires.